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CBlog Recaps of 11/28/2017 - Meteor


This past week has DEPLETED me between job tasks, house tasks, and life tasks. I feel as though a meteor has walloped me as it hurtles through the friction-averse emptiness of space. It's actually almost as though multiple meteorites in succession have smacked into my person, come to think of it. That all hearkens back to the first meteor I ever noticed in video gaming: that doomsday gracing Final Fantasy 7.

Most of the games I played in my youngest years involved sapient dangers with names resembling prog-rock prodigies: Bowser and the Koopa Troopas, Dr. Robotnik Eggman and the Badniks, Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters, and the fabled Pac quartet of Inky-Blinky-Pinky-Clyde. JRPGs followed the suit of the platformers, albeit with multiplicative palette-swaps. It wasn't until, I believe, the advent of children - or, in Larx's case, early teenagers - playing Final Fantasy 7 that I first took notice of inanimate object threats and felt any relevant dread. While the ever-jilted Sephiroth orchestrates Meteor's emergence, it is the giant rock itself that imperils the continued safe existence of the Planet, Gaia. This all constitutes an effective threat, to be sure - not much reasoning we'll be attempting against a monumental boulder.

Since then, I've encountered and faced down several inanimate objects opposing every variant of protag and playable, yet I'll still defer to Meteor as the first trip that affirmed to me the danger of the unspeakably unspoken. Figure that even the Moon in Majora's Mask bore a scowling face. Meteor just...hung there, drifting nonchalantly closer, as if the planet it was jeopardizing meant nothing more than seafoam on a reef. It truly "cared less" 'cause it cared flat-nil at all. Yeah, you can wager that I took stock of its scope. Seven days, then...*pip*

Fun[?] factoid 'fore we 'cap: a couple years later, one of my pals began his initial FF7 playthrough. Back in those days, we could rename all the playable characters in the roster. He named his Red XIII "Meteor" 'cause it sounded wicked cool. You can estimate how wonky that turned out.

Which inanimate gaming objects, if any, ever sparked a murmur of dread inside you? Alternately, if you fear none, what does it take for an opposing force to unnerve you? Lemme at it, and I'll check out your answers in the comments...once, that is, I *can.* [More on that in the Fail slot. Yikes...]

 Conversely, Miku's "Meteor" fills me with awe and wonder. Perhaps that is because she, herself, becomes the soaring comet. Whoosh~

A - The unvanquishable Cedi explains his mindset behind his spearhead seeking to crack into the sphere of video game journalism while profusely thanking his beloved readers who laud his quality writings. It's a great personality and look, which is why I can endorse the prospect without much in the way of caution. To aid in his quest, Cedi shall be launching a Patreon, which I'll admit up front: I've never supported any. That doesn't mean nobody *should,* bear in mind. Please do give the fella's rundown and proposition a once- or twice-over!

S - Agent9 reopens his generous and heartwarming Favorite Things giveaway, wherein we give thanks for our gaming gladness & the industrious nano-Agent (I really gotta lay off the Deus Ex analogy) rewards the lucky winner with AN AVALANCHE OF GOOD TIDINGS - and an Amazon giftcard, the raw equivalent of cash for those of us who'd burn it on Vocaloid and Touhou figurines! Go ahead, enter and await...and pray for the site's rapid restoration, that more would enter.

S - ALinkToTheDan enjoins us to the swirling musics of the Kingdom Hearts series in this week's edition of Tone Deaf. As ever, VGM earns its audience here at Destructoid; peek inside and turn an open ear if Yoko Shimomura's audio designs tempt your interests. (Music theory quirk: "A Walk in Andante...hah...I getcha, Shimomura. I getcha. Never change, nomenclature.)

 How it feels awaiting each precarious loading of a C-blog (or almost any other page) these days. Ouch.

 We need the combined glitz of TERRY CREWS and COUNT VON COUNT to restore Destructoid's stability!

T - BatesBram artfully stresses the importance of inclusion for identification and resonance with gaming worlds, and I fully applaud the man's point as it relates to his formative youth here. Nice to see early progression in The Elder Scrolls - not as nice to gauge recession since. Well, there'll always be TES VI.....presumably. (By this point, I really dunno what's up.)

 FF7 replaces its phenomenal world map main theme with the above "Meteor" theme at the appropriate time. Never did I feel a breath of restfulness beyond.

C - Nothing against the gender-friendly concept of the Dr. Who blog here, Keiichi Morisato. However, at a brevity just barely scraping past a couple Quickposts, I urge the usual: expand and expound.

No image. No italics. Only deflation. Brokentoid persists largely unchecked. I still cannot view several C-blogs and QPs on-site, *including* 100% of the Recaps. (Fortunately, all Tuesday blogs loaded - even Agent9's, which required above two dozen retries.) As such, I can only post this Recap in the blog editor, not even read or preview it after posting. Couldn't view any comments left on last week's Larxian Tuesday. I apologize for failing to respond to those comments of last week as well as any potential comments for this week, at least until the site's infrastructure stabilizes once again. ;_;

Larx out, homeslice~

 Never let your troubles twist your stay.

Today's title track: Meteor
Producer: John Zeroness
Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku

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