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How I Feel A Female Timelord Should Have Been Introduced


The fairly recent announcement of a female genderbent Doctor Who, has caused a lot of warrented controversy. Making Doctor Who female in my opinion was a bad idea from the start, while some would disagree with this, I feel that things could have been handled with a bit more tact. The concept of introducing a female Timelord isn't a bad idea, it just needs to be handeled with more competance. I have just the idea that would work. Make a Doctor Who spin off series much like Torchwood, but make it about a female Timelord instead. If you have spent a great deal of time watching the show, you would know that there is a dimensional crack that connects their dimension to the pocket dimension where the Timelords are trapped in. The series should start with the main character on the ground sleep as the dimenional crack disappears, she wakes up at first confused about who she is or where she is. As she gradually remembers her mission, she obtains even more determination to do what she needs to do. That mission is to find a way to free the other Timelords from the pocket dimension that the Doctor placed them in to protect them. This sets up an overall story arc that can also allow for crossovers with the main Doctor Who series, while also allows them to do new things and try new things.

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