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Game Development: Boss 101 Team News and More!


Hello everyone and welcome to the latest Boss 101 Update

Today’s Topics:
- News from the Team
- Videos for you!

News from the Team

We’ve been busy working on some new items in preparation for an announcement we expect to be giving you in the coming weeks. Perhaps even a COUPLE of announcements! This is Boss 101 related stuff folks so it won’t be long till you know! 

We’ve also been playtesting and looking for bugs in the game. There’s a planned patch with a few quality of life upgrades and also an asset update which I want to talk about for a moment.

Boss 101 has a LOT of animation assets, close to 4000 if you can believe it. Most of those are Spine .json files. So you might imagine that we have TONS of files across almost four years of development in various versions of Spine. We recently did a huge sweep to update these files and bring them all up to a recent uniform format. 

The idea here is we are now in a MUCH better position to fix any problems and also bring Boss 101 to other platforms. Great news for us and great news for you! As a reference we have some files that were about three years old banging around in Boss 101. Most of these were old core systems like the Make a Boss and parts of the UI. The rest were things like environmental art and some super old cinematic assets. 

We expect to push this update out soon but first we will be testing to make sure everything works well!

Videos and Reviews for Boss 101

A bunch of new stuff went up this week for you to check out.

First off we have an interview with Indie Game Riot and yours truly (Tim). This was from earlier in the week and it was awesome to talk with Josh again. He has been a supporter from WAY back and we really appreciate his help!
Watch A Hat in Time | Darwin Project | Foxland (Indie Game Riot - Ep. 137) from IndieGameRiot on www.twitch.tv

Next we have The_Jaydles with a Boss 101 livestream!

Watch Can we survive in this cave of misfortune?! [ENG] from The_Jadles on www.twitch.tv

Finally we have DJ Tiger Fox with the next to last video of their Boss 101 complete playthrough

Great stuff from all our friends and we do appreciate the looks!

OK – talk with you soon and remember……..



Boss 101 Info Roundup
Out now on Steam!
Price: $9.99
Boss 101 Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/380920
Please check out the Steam Store if you would be so kind!

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