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Redesigning the Wiimote

These guys have suggested quite a nifty redesign for the Wiimote, for playing games like Metroid:

Now, being a filthy Brit I haven't yet had the good fortune to play Metroid (damn you Nintendo of Europe) but I would still appreciate this new Wiimote. I'm currently playing Resident Evil 4, which is an absolutely amazing game by the way - I've got a cblog brewing that compares it to, you guessed it, everyone's favourite Bioshock - and having the minus button right up near my thumb would be wonderful for quick weapon switching.

However, I would suggest that rather than placing the buttons above the A button, they be placed below so as not to interfere when using the Wiimote NES style. Of course, then you lose the nice comparison to the wonderful Gamecube controller, but it's a small price to pay. Come on Nintendo, spend over $17 million on these, rather than the Wiimote jackets!
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