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Yellow News - Rainbow Six: Siege's New Operator Hacks Players' Phones


Playtesters in the current Rainbow Six: Siege technical test have begun to notice a peculiar glitch: When the new South Korean attacker operator uses her phone hack ability, the defending players' phones ring.

Dokkaebi is one of the two new South Korean operators being added soon in the White Noise update which is currently on the technical test server. One of two abilities Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam has is the Logic Bomb ability, where defender operators will have their phone ring unless they spend a few seconds turning it off. However, upon being used defending players have had their own mobile phones ring. Upon being picked up, it has been reported that players will be transferred to the Ubisoft customer support.

Creative director Shaun Seans released a blog post on the peculiar activity. “We believe the glitch may actually be malicious code added as a prank. While the phone numbers have been retrieved from billing details, there has not been a breach of information as the phone call is activated within Ubisoft's customer service centre rather than externally. We will be investigating the full extent of the code and its source, but in the meanwhile all phone numbers have been removed from everyone's billing information to prevent further issues. This will not affect paid transactions during this investigatory period.” He later confirms in the blog post that White Noise's technical test period will still continue as “[it] appears to not impact any other part of the experience”

Seans also commented on rumours of Dokkaebi's ability also leading to the swatting of popular Rainbow Six: Siege streamer Friendly No Shoot. “As of now, there is no reason to believe this is anything more than a coincidence”. Although local streamer Friendly No Shoot disputes this: “It's funny I get swatted for the first time since Rainbow Six: Siege's release during the technical test period of White Noise, a season that has actually been ringing people's phones. In fact, I've never been swatted and it was actually frightening having an actual gun pointed at my face, telling me to get down. So no Seans, this is connected, you are just flatout wrong.”

White Noise will be released to Year 2 season pass holders on the 5th of December, while everyone else will get access on the 12th of December.


Yellow News is a satirical series designed to make fun of video games, video games industry and video game culture.

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