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No Launch Respect for Super Mario Galaxy?

IGN updated the US Wii launch release calendar yesterday [link], and I noticed something strange. The day after Super Mario Galaxy launches, 23 other Wii games are supposed to be released.

23. In one day. The day after Super Mario Galaxy comes out.

We saw with uber-releases like Halo 3 that other game publishers respect the launch date. Who wants to compete for a gamer's limited budget with a guaranteed blockbuster? If it's between a AAA title and Barbie Horse Adventures: Pleasure Pack, I know what I would pick. But most gamers would choose the AAA.

So why are so many Wii games launching right after Mario?

It certainly is getting close to the holiday season, but these games could push back a week to the comparatively light release schedule of Nov. 19 & 20. That's still before Thanksgiving, the usual goal.

Is it possible that these publishers think SMG will sell out, and that frazzled shoppers will buy something else to fill the aching void in their little blue slot? It's odd to think that Nintendo wouldn't be able to produce enough.

So, what do you guys think? Is it just coincidence, holiday rush, the halo effect of SMG, or something more sinister? If sinister, please explain in vivid detail.

Speaking of sinister, the SMG intro looks a little darker than I'm used to with Mario:

Intro via GoNintendo

[Update: larger intro video is now on Dtoid main page]
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