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Would you play these games (and others) on Switch?







I know it's a tall order but if Sony can support PS1, PSP, PS Minis and PS Vita games on Vita, then I want virtual console on Switch stuffed with games from the N64 up to WiiU. I got a taste of the emulation community by trying out Dolphin last year and it was mindblowing how well that emulator runs Gamecube and Wii games. I was using a SurfaceBook to run it and the performance was excellent. But I've also seen great results from a Shield Android TV. I tried out PCSX2 and PPSSPP with impressive results as well. But as awesome as the emulator scene can be, it can also be a hassle jumping through hoops to get things working or playing games that aren't 100% playable. Hence: Virtual Console. I know I've written about this before but dammit man, the more I play this thing the more the potential is slapping me in the face. 






I've supported Nintendo since the NES era and although I have fond memories of gaming on NES, SNES, various GB devices as well as Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, TG-16+CD ROM, Neo Geo Arcade+CD, it would be awesome as all get out if we could get enhanced games from the N64 era - WiiU enhanced on Switch. I'd love to revisit Tetrisphere, Beetle Adventure Racing, Rogue Squadron II, Baten Kaitos, Lost Kingdom, Metal Arms, Custom Robo, Eternal Darkness, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Metroid Prime Trilogy, The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles X all on the go. There is such a wealth of classics that could benefit from a re-release on virtual console that Switch could easily become one of the greatest gaming devices ever made by sheer depth of the library. Just the fact that the device can run Doom is mindblowing. Judging it on the surface compared to other versions doesn't tell the whole story as Switch really is a modded Android Shield Tablet running on an old Nvidia X1. A battery powered mobile tablet running on smartphone technology. Think about that. Remember the Unreal Engine demo running on an iPhone that so many were impressed with? Have you seen anything like Doom running on iOS or even Android? Yes, Skyrim is old but it runs great on Switch and is comparable to the PS4 re-release. Switch is the real deal and a shining example of how smartphone gaming is so not ready for the same stage as dedicated portables. It wasn't ready back during the Epic Citadel demo, it's not now. Sure it's better than it's ever been but instead of being outright garbage, smartphone gaming upgraded to just being overall bad. Switch is the real deal. 






It's going to be great to see what original software arrives for the device in 2018, Switch has even made ports exciting in a way it hasn't been in over a decade just by sheer virtue of seeing what can actually run on the thing. If iD gets Wolfenstein II to actually run on Switch at least as good as Doom or better, then it's a wrap. Switch will become my main gaming device and I'll never buy a PS4/One X or whatever Sony or MS release afterward. But virtual console should be a standard (a reasonably priced standard) that can supplement the Switch library in a such a way that Sony and MS can't match. Microsoft's first and second party development is lackluster which is why One X's exclusives suffer now...or the lack thereof. But being fair, the Xbox marketplace has a wealth of great 360 games available and original Xbox games are a great addition. Sony's first and second party development is awesome. Better than Microsoft and Vita backwards compatibility rocked. PS4 backwards compatibility blows simply because streaming is good in theory but not always good in practice due to bandwidth and pricing concerns. But as good as Sony's IP catalog is they can't match Nintendo. Only Sega can match Nintendo if not surpass them in terms of variety and depth in their IP catalog but they seem to be too stuck on releasing Sonic games of varying quality. 





I'm passing on Doom and Skyrim for the time being (trying to pass as the temptation to buy is strong) as I wait for Xenoblade but if virtual console was available, I'd buy Xenoblade Chronciles X and a bunch of other swag, playing those until the Xenoblade release. Playing the original Xenoblade would be awesome on Switch. 

Now, if we could somehow convince Sega to jump on board virtual console and update Panzer Dragoon, Gun Valkyrie, Virtual Fighter, Outrun, Zillion, G-LOC, Phantasy Star, Shinobi, Gaires...

- Bayonetta? She's in hell. Satan's favorite whore. Bwhahahahahaha

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