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Cblog recaps of 11/19/17 - Going to Randomized Space



Won't lie I had the recap of the blogs all typed up last week but just never got around to writing my -gasm. My idea was to talk about how much I was loving playing old games on my NES emulator but then I bought Heat Signature a few days ago and can't stop playing it. It's like the combination of two of my favorite types of games while all taking place in a randomized galaxy that allows you to choose how you go about achieving your goals.

The way I've been describing the game to people is that it's like if you took the space mercenary feel of the X series and threw some top down shooter/beat-em-up gameplay over a procedurally generated world with randomized missions and ships and just let you run wild with that tools you are given. So there's a ton of freedom and randomized gameplay so that each mission while being similar in structure to the ones before it still feels new and exciting.

It also helps that the world allows you to tell your own story with condensed character arcs that mostly compromise revenge missions, so your story happens in between characters and missions with the different ways you take on missions. Also it's written and designed by Tom Francis who wrote Gunpoint so it's filled to the brim with that dry English humor that I love so dearly.

The progression is also nice where you unlock weapons/armor that you can buy a la the usual roguelike games. Basically the game knows what it wants to be and goes about achieving it in the best possible way. I am smitten with this game right now and I'm glad I finally picked it up.


* - One of Dtoid's resident fighters jetfandam starts off a new series explaining high level fighting game terms to us the groundlings. Having very breifly dabbled in the Smash Bros. professional community a lot of this stuff is old hat but as a means of entry for those that wanna break into competitive fighting games this looks to be a great series to keep an eye on.

* - Community manager Bass is heading up this years secret Santa and I suggest all of you sign up as it's always a fun time.





D - Tim from Donley Time provides further updates about the post-launch status of Boss 101 in this weeks post-development update. Included are more streaming videos and a look at some of the leaderboards for their levels. I always wondered if devs got mad when the players were better at the game they actually made, in this case I guess not though!

R - This review of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by Spazzh20 has a lot of criticisms about the game but offers little in the way of ideas to improve the game. It reads a little bit as hype backlash but I'll let you decide for yourself though. (Also Link wouldn't say anything because Link doesn't talk).

R - Blanchimont reviews the .hack//G.U. Steam release that from the review seems to not know what it wants to be in terms of gameplay. A good review as always from Blanchimont though. Never got into the .hack games but I always wanted to play the PS2 games just never got around to them.


L - Flegma is after my own heart by writing a blog about a book that recaps a podcast talking about board game design and all that goes into it. That's basically two of the things that I am composed of so I found this incredibly interesting. You might not but then maybe you should try playing some board games every now and then.



Alright I've got to run as I've got a meeting to attend. Be good to yourself and each other.



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