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American Wii finally gets Japanese VC games, Smash Bros gets Lucas from Mother 3, NoA gets a tounge lashing from me, and we all get MELON BREAD.

I'm a huge cynic when it comes to Nintendo of America. I think just about all of them are a bunch of douches who don't even like video games. No matter how awesome a Nintendo of Japan game may look to me, I can always count on Nintendo of America to just not get it and leave that game unlocalised.

I feel like NoA is run by the types who made the American Mega Man cover art. They somehow ended up in charge of bringing a product to America that they don't even like. This is why already localized games like the Tingle RPG and games with huge rabid American following like Earthbound 2/Mother 3 don't come to the states.

In case you forgot.

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