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We have downloadable console games but how come no handheld games?

The blog god started saying I suck so I thought I should write about something I have been thinking about.

Every system out there has downloadable games as a selling point. Xbox 360 has Live Arcade, Nintendo has Virtual Console, and Sony has the Playstation Network. Each of them are trying to sell old games for nostalgic purposes and making new games, excluding VC so far on this, to convince people to download their games. However something struck me as I looked through my PSN Store. And that was, "How come I can't download PSP games on my PS3?" I know that a lot of people enjoy their handheld games as much as their console games so why not release some for the console?

First lets look at the money that can be made through previous generations of handhelds. What we all know is that Nintendo has by far the largest library in this department. Games from the Gameboy to the Gameboy Advanced could be up for sale. I know that I wouldn't personally mind buying the FFVI remake for the Wii if it meant it was a little bit cheaper. Also since Sega is bringing out Genesis games onto the VC, then why not the Game Gear? Granted in this instance the library would be small but of what was on the Game Gear, it was good. More Shining Force and Phantasy Star anyone? For a lot of these games people have missed out on them and would still like to experience them.

But what about the current generation of handhelds? It would be possible for the Wii to do this for DS games but the work involved in converting the 2 screens and touch screen to the Wiimote would not make it a viable market. So in this respect I think that Sony would be at the advantage. Right now they are competing against Microsoft in making their systems to be more of a media center, so why not make it so you can download the latest PSP games? Despite the sales figures of the PSP, there are some games out there that I would love to play such as the FFT remake and the Disgaea remake come to mind. Also if you already own a PSP, then you can use the PS3 to PSP connectivity to put the downloaded games onto your PSP if you want to take them on the go. A lot of people right now would probably be like me where they like a game or 2 on the PSP but they don't want to spend the 150 some odd dollars in order to play those games.

The only problem that would be in the way would be the companies wanting to sell the hardware. They might sell earlier software but the newer games would probably be out of reach. However if Sony want to give its PS3 a game jump start and start making a profit, I think they should start giving us more choices on which hardware we would like to play on.

Oh and Robots are always relevant so...
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