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Halo 3: Finish the Fight (then put on a shelf because there's nothing left to do).


I bought Halo 3 the day it came out, like millions of others, and not really that excited about it. I just wanted to play the multiplayer for a bit, check out a few of the new weapons, and finish the story. Well, the first night I got it, I beat it on Legendary. It took around 8 hours to beat, which I was pretty ticked off about. The story wasn't that good, nor that bad. It was just okay enough to be considered part of the Halo saga. Well, this is less than a week since we've all had the game, and I just have to be frank: I'm bored. They didn't do anything new in the game aside form add a few new weapons and items. The single player, after beating it on Legendary, is pointless and boring to go through again, especially since Cortana likes to slow down the pace of the game every minute towards the end. Oh, then there's the classic Flood battles. Boy, did anyone even fight them? You can run right past them because the AI in Halo really just sucks.

Ok, so there's always multiplayer, right? Well, yeah, if you just want to play beefed up Halo 2 multiplayer that we've all played before (only this time, add some really boring maps and not even enough of them). Halo 3 is what I figured it was going to be: over-hyped crap. I've slowly seen people going back to Gears of War on my friends list. Looks like other people are figuring this out too. I can't wait for the multiplayer map pack, though. Only $10 (plus tax) will get you 3 exclusive classic maps we've all played before! Ya know what the Xbox community says: The developers have to make their money too.

I really hope this was the last we'll hear about Halo and anything to do with Master Chief. This is the last time I ever buy a Microsoft hyped game. Stupid marketing...

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