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It's A Secret To Everybody is running late


For everyone who was looking forward to my second installment, rest assured the series is continuing. I haven't been near the computer long enough for the last few days to get anything done, and to top it off I like to do things the hard way when possible and take screenshots and all that using the actual games on the actual systems hooked up through a USB capture card instead of stealing them from other websites or taking them myself via... um... "other means." I did resort to "other means" for the first one because it was incredibly easy, especially compared to dragging my NES out of a box to the computer and fiddling with it for 5 minutes to stop the blinking and trying to avoid touching it lest I freeze the game, but in general when it's feasible I'd rather suffer the setup headaches and be pure about it.

Also, I haven't quite decided what exactly I want to highlight next :P

In the meantime, get psyched for Halloween by letting this thing give you nightmares:

<3, and thanks to everyone for the great comments.
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