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Pooh's Grand Adventure Is The Best Silent Hill Movie


Yes, I'm serious.

No, I haven't actually watched the Silent Hill movies.

Yes, this sounds inane conceptually.

No, I haven't been declared crazy.

Anymore questions in the back?

Good, let's begin.

Pooh's Grand Adventure is a direct to VHS movie about the lovable old bear and his friends. It bears (Ha!) the theme of growing up, accepting that things change and that friendships can endure even if you don't see eachother each day.

I find the movie quite the melancholy experience, but that's not why we're here. Outside of all that, there's the things that made me draw connections to Silent Hill.

On the surface level, there's the fog. The movie is covered in it for atmosphere, not unlike Silent Hill. It's a weak connection, since many movies and games do this, so let's go further.

The Silent Hill games pride themselves with the label of psychological horror. This either manifests as random mindscrews or thematic connections between characters and imagery. The Doorman room in Silent Hill 2 is a good example. The issues of the characters get converted by Silent Hill into something scary that they have to face.

Pooh's Grand Adventure does the same thing, to a less harrowing degree of course. It's not like Rabbit is struggling with PTSD or anything of the sort.

On the evening before leaving for school for the first time, Christopher Robin tells Pooh: ”You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”. These words are supposed to help Pooh when he's alone, but being the dolt that he is, he soon forgets them.

Each statement is associated with one of his friends, and it's where the psychological elements are centered. Piglet, Rabbit and Tigger all have issues that they have to work through during the movie. Pooh's issue is more of a general dependency on Christopher Robin. Eeyore is Eeyore, so he remains a static character.

At the start when Christopher Robin disappears, the trio showcases their faults. Piglet manages to climb a tree, but gives in to fear when he looks down, screaming for Christopher Robin. Tigger tries to save him, but proves inadequate at bouncing. Rabbit tries to read the note left for them, but isn't smart enough for it.

These incidents are our anchoring points for the strife that follows. Owl reads them the note and tells them that their friend has gone to the Skull, a most horrific place in the 100 Acre Woods. After singing a song and warning them of the Skullosaurus, the party is off.

The Skullosaurus is the main force of tension in the movie. Everyone freaks out when they hear it and run away. With that thing behind them, the pressure is heightened and the characters start to crack.

Escaping the Skullosaurus, they make their way inside an absurdly happy-looking glade. Here it's Piglet's time to suffer. He approaches some butterflies and seems to befriend them. But they can't understand him and soon take him up to the sky where his fear of heights grips him again. Pooh tries to comfort him with Christopher Robin's words, but he can't remember them. Piglet is powerless at this moment and doesn't recover until Pooh talks to him on the ground.

Rabbit clings to Owl's map, using it as an emotional crutch, thinking he's too stupid to lead them without it. Even though he's just talking nonsense with it in hand. He considers the printed word of the map to be superior to what you can see and hear. This all come crashing down when the map rips and flies away.

Tigger goes after the map and does his best to catch it. He fails in a really depressing scene and gets stuck above a cliff. Pooh tries yet again to share his friend's wisdom, but to no avail. They hang from eachother and try to save him, which causes everyone to fall down the cliff.

Pooh tries to cheer up Rabbit when they get lost in the fog. Again, it fails. Tigger declares that they need Christopher Robin in order to find Christopher Robin.

All of these low moments come to a crescendo with Pooh lamenting the loss of Christopher Robin with a song. They then find themselves at the Skull and run inside after hearing the Skullosaurus. Inside, they run around scared until Pooh disappears. They believe that he got taken by the monster.

They find the eye of the Skull where Christopher Robin is supposed to be. It seems impossible to get there. But thinking of Pooh, they come to their senses and manage to find a way up. Rabbit hatches a plan where Tigger does a giant bounce in order to get Piglet to drop a vine for the others.

It succeeds and Pooh (being able to see them from where he's stuck), quotes Christopher Robin's words without thinking about it. They've all come to terms with their supposed weaknesses and stand without doubt. Pooh then comes to realise that he isn't really separated from Christopher Robin, since his friend is always with him in his heart.

In the eye, the others find their lost friend and they tell him that they are brave, smart and strong. Christopher Robin agrees and explains that he just went to school and that the Skullosaurus is just Pooh's stomach rumbling. After a rescue operation, everyone gets out of the Skull and see that it isn't as scary without the fog.

In fact, they march back and see that none of the places they ventured through are actually scary without the fog. It's as if the fog itself warped reality in order to force them to face their faults and fears. It really makes me think of Silent Hill and I think it's a pretty good case for this being the best movie representing the ideas of the franchise.

Then again, there's no Pyramid Head skulking about for no reason, so I guess it doesn't count.

- Welcome to my world, Enjoy your stay, But always remember, There is no return.

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