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My New Phone

I have been back and forth between Smartphones, and Cool phones all month. And I have to say I have finally found a phone for me. I have T-mobile. And who would have thought I would get a T-mobile branded phone?!

I got the T-mobile Dash which I must say is one sleek little bugger. It runs WM6 (Windows Mobile Six). Which is a plus cause that means unlike the Blackberry Curve, it has lots of support from developer's for software. I will start off by saying when reading reviews its a toss up one mans opion against another. But in Cnet we trust, cause they are dead on with this phone. Always unbaised, the nail in the coffin with the quick perks and jerks with this phone.

The good: The T-Mobile Dash has a sleek design with a vibrant color screen and features integrated Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi; push e-mail capabilities; multimedia functions; and a 1.3-megapixel camera. The quadband smart phone also has good call quality and extra long talk time battery life.

The bad: The T-Mobile Dash's volume touch strip isn't always responsive. The camera interface is also confusing and picture quality is sub par.

The bottom line: With a sleek design, good performance, and a robust set of productivity and wireless options, the T-Mobile Dash is an all-in-one hit and earns its reputation as a Motorola Q killer.

The only point they missed or maybe is just me is the phone actually has sub par battery life. My RIZR had amazing battery life (A phone which was also great just needed a full on mini pc per se). But outside that its amazingly fast enough to make the Edge network seem fast. But I stay true and use WI-Fi when I can.

Overall this is an amazing phone and for only around 150-200, it does not break the bank like some other loaded phones. I can only say that is only a matter of time before this phone receives a sequel.
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