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Schadenfreude Salesmanship


I’ve decided to buy Fortnite. When I get paid tomorrow I’m going to buy it. And it will be wonderful. I only played one round, and while I do enjoy it, and find the art style to be breath of air to my usual pixel faire; it is a schadenfreude purchase. Yes, the thing that made this purchasing decision for me was that they decided to sue cheaters.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made such a purchase. Greenheart games has forever earned my love with their trolling of pirates with Game Dev Tycoon (I’ve sunk over a hundred hours into that fucker too). I’m a sucker for a good bit of schadenfreude. And dear lord, did Epic hit that sweet spot.

I worked customer support for a game company. And the cheating tickets were the fucking worst. Having to get reamed by players who were understandably pissed, while I was powerless. And the people who we caught thrusting insults at us, or trying to weasel their way back into their accounts. My one big regret is I wasn’t there during the big banwave a few years ago to drink their tears.

But now I can pay for the privilege. I can get the satisfaction that I never got for the price of a new game. It’s hatefuck-by-proxy. And at a rate cheaper than anything on rentboy

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