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COD4 Beta Lvl Cap Raising in 30 minutes

According to the Charlie Oscar Delta forums its happening at 10 am Today. They will unlock everything. Some weapons like the G3 rifle, Dragnuv, M60, some perks like Claymores (which will make things interesting) Sleight of Hand, to load your weapons faster, and Martyrdom, I think its supposed to be like Last Stand but you use a grenade. Very interesting.

Sadly the beta will end I think on Sunday. I've played the beta nearly every day that its been it. Its one of my favorite games now. I love it.

If you cant find a game you can join mine if I'm in one. My gamertag is "savagesaladin". My clan tag is [Bewb]. Not that my clan tag means anything. I was just trying to be lewd and get away with it.

Ha ha ha!

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