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Somme Like it Hot: Youtube and World War 1

You know who I have a crush on? Indy Neidell. He has his own steam group of loyal followers. He is the perfect combination of blonde, Houston Astros fan, and historian. Also he worked closely to develop the historical indexes and medals in Battlefield !. And answers the question asked by a coworker as to why her kid would rather watch Youtube than cable or Netflix.
Indy Neidell, and The Great War Channel, were introduced to me by a brief appearance on Extra History about 3 years ago. After the Extra Credits team were tossed off Penny Arcade like a Dickwolves T shirt. (Ooh yeah, got the article’s edginess quota knocked out in the second paragraph!) Left to fend in the (admittedly less than it is now) harsh wilderness of 2014 Youtube; they survived the same way the best do - collaboration. And from there you can see a vast spiderweb of cooperation, teamwork, camaraderie, and verbose superlatives that put Youtube ahead of almost any other platform.
From Extra Credits, I discovered The Great War. From the Great War I found C&Rsenal. From them I found Forgotten Weapons. Totalbiscuit and Forgotten Weapons got to team up for a video they’d wanted to do for ages. So of course DICE found them. With Forgotten Weapons and the Great War both having credits in Battlefield 1.(Although both prefer to play Verdun, because obviously.) When they needed to try and find resources and weapons to include in the game, how could they resist all the groundwork laid out for them?
Oh, and hey, someone mentioned Verdun! If ever this collaboration affected a single video game, yeah Verdun would be it. It seems like everyone and their mother in this youtube clique has had something to do with it. It is the video game focal point of what seems to be the most hardcore of history nerds. And hey! It’s getting it’s own little sequel, Tannenberg! With more Slavic joy than the original! Which is going to be out next month! Topical!
To sew everything up.The internet is once again fulfilling the promise of tying niche nerds whose hobbies don’t involve furries or anime together. And the results of that are prolific. I get genuine joy from when a C&Rsenal video ends, with the comment that its the most concise material on the subject in the English language. I emit fangirl squeals of joy when Forgotten Weapons confesses to spending tens of thousands of dollars on a machine gun to help C&Rsenal make a video. Then mention playing Verdun with each other. And talk about working to help make the games I love to play. With cable you imagine the folks who play the characters on TV hang out and get along well. With youtube they actually do that.
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