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Dawn of War: Soulstorm - New Armies...still no 'Nids

Yesterday, as I was scouring the net for contraband and the world tetherball champion's portrait, I saw that Relic is coming out with yet another expansion for Dawn of War. Called Soulstorm, they initial announced that the Dark Eldar would be available.

Well, after checking out IGN PC (yeah, I know they're not great, but they do have great screenshots!), it appears that Relic has chosen to add the Sisters of Battle.

Ok...I'm about sick of the Imperial armies. Space Marines and Imp.Guard were enough...I don't want the Sisters...they're not diverse enough! I also don't buy the argument that the engine couldn't handle the Tyranids. They could modify or add features to allow for the Tyranids.

Come on, Relic...show the Hivemind some lovin'!

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