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Wiki Worries

Having recently played 2064: Read Only Memories, I find myself disappointed in the internet. Not just because there’s no trace of any lewd fanart of that one character I flirted with… make that my favorite character I flirted with. As I find myself flirting with any character I can in any game I can. (I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t flirt with the character voiced by Jim Sterling. But I didn’t quite like that character. And I don’t think that quantity of smug would fit in a single game. It would likely be a trilogy.) But in the lack of a fully fleshed out fan wiki.
I seem to be an alien or mutant of some kind, because I actually have an affinity for spoilers. Especially in games. It can add a new level to gameplay, I have played all of New Vegas into the ground, turning it from a game to a set of dominoes to set up in whatever configuration I want before knocking them down. Except for Danny Trejo, who just glares at all the other dominoes in a vaquero outfit.
I suspect my tenure with World of Warcraft cemented the practice in me. WoWHead became such a powerful tool that its use was encouraged when I worked for Blizzard proper. A go-to tool better than almost anything they could come up with in-house. It stood loyally in my right monitor on the clock and off it. Constantly aiding me in the beast that, at one time, consumed nearly every waking moment of my life.
Hard now to put the genie back into the bottle. With the aforementioned WoW head, Blizzard lost the sense of discovery. A genie they tried to put back into the bottle with capped dailies and flying in Pandaria, and assorted linear aspects in Draenor. I’m not too sure how they tried to fix that issue in the latest edition. But the fact remained that WoWhead helped users consume content a fraction of the time it took to make due to these sites. Things and guides made before their patches even went live.
I would wonder then when there are in depth guides and wikis for almost everything under the son, is ROM’s wiki so sparse. Until I remember the year it came out. 2015 was to video games what 1982 was to movies. And Undertale… Well Undertale happened. And that shadow is hard to escape from. Still. 2064 is a good game, if heavier on the interactive fiction side of adventure games. And it deserves a complicated and verbose wiki. A sequel. And a series of spinoff games in which you flirt with a bigoted Jim Sterling in a pompadour.
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