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A response to "Halo 3: Chiefly Underwhelming"

First off if you haven't read Leigh's post: "Halo 3:Chiefly Underwhelming?" I highly suggest you do so or this will make little to no sense. It was originally posted as an enourmous comment but uh, that was an awful idea.

It is however written in direct response to hers. So read it first.

Let me come right out and say this:

I really enjoy the Halo series. I wouldn't go out and say it's a perfect game, not by any means.

Case in point:
I went out to my local Game Crazy's midnight launch to go pick up my copy of Halo 3. It was roughly 70 people, all of whom I know their first names, and some press. It was more than some gathering of fratboy xbox fanboys. It was a community event. Enough about the event.
I get home and tear into co op with my friend. You could sell me a piece of poo provided you told me I could somehow use it cooperatively with a friend. I give my nod to the pretty graphics. I'm not oogling them, but I give credit where credit is due. The gameplay starts.

Uh. Where was the super awesome throw you in the action THIS IS SPARTA kinda opening that grabs you and forces you to play. The music was severely lacking in the excitement department(when it was even playing) and almost nothing was going on. What I could discern was "Master Chief and his Arbiter BFF went out shooting aliens in the forest." Sure, I knew why we were in the forest but lets just say I wasn't grabbed by it.

But none the less I enjoyed the gameplay and soldiered on with my friend as we proceeded through the forest. (And used quite a bit of teamwork. Watching Army of Two gameplay trailers gives you some interesting ideas.)

When the first level ended I felt that the only reason I was playing Halo 3 past the first level is because I was a Halo fan and knew it had to get better. The memory of the fast paced warthog escape from the 1st game was prominent in my head and I was hoping for something similar.

So I'll be going home to play more co op campaign with a few friends after work and picking up right where we left off. I know I'll beat Halo 3 and likely enjoy the way through the game but I really hope that the first level is not a taste of things to come. It was a ridiculously underwhelming seemingly nonexistant attempt to grab players from the start.

If I had to score Halo this second I would be giving it somewhere around a 7. I have faith it will pick up.

But before I get called a silly Halo fanboy let me say that I'm the first person in line to buy an obscure silly game that nobody knows about.
Any of you heard of Soul Nomad, also coming out today? Probably not. Does it look great? Hell yeah.

But Leigh. (Who I have to say thank you to. It's your fault I got to play Rock Band early.) How can you hold such utter distaste for mainstream? As you said, when everyone on the train is reading a certain book you can't help but to hate that book. That seems a little unfair and biased.

I'm sure you, as a Destructoid writer, beileve in everything deserves a fair chance to be judged. Even further, as a Destructoid writer, one of smartest, coolest, fairest, video game lovers on the entire interwebs, would give every single game one hell of a chance to show you it's enjoyable before claiming distaste for the game. Perhaps you can apply this to all media.

Maybe I'm responding completely off track. But as for the Halos it's certainly not delivering so far. But I'll be damned if I'm not going to keep playing it to the end and then make up my mind.
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