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Liveblogging the Halo 3 BestBuy launch in NYC (continuing coverage until Midnight)

6:40 PM. I've been here for about an hour. I'm directly behind the scrabble guys. There's a guy in a Halo costume, and a red flag.

Sessler is here, as well as the Gamehead dude.

They are demoing the halo zune for the crowd.

6:48 one of the Jets football players is working the crowd.

Adam and Morgan get a huge pop from the crowd.

6:53 halo players only know 4 letter

Halo zune gets dissed lol

6:57 I just declared my undying love for Adam Sessler.

Halo gamefuel tastes like watered down robotissin

They are giving arm massages. No mention of happy endings :(

Guys, if you have any questions, hit me at [email protected]
I'm Blogging from my blackberry and cannot see any thread responses.

7:04 NOBODY wants any more halo gamefuel. Stop pushing it on us!

Got some sweet swag. A shirt, a hat, and mini poster.

7:10 I just did an audio interview. I dissed gamefuel in it. It was real subtle though.

7:15 Fuck, why are there so much best buy employees clogging up everything? Nerds aren't going to riot lol.

7:19 I've sold out. I'm wearing a gamefuel shirt.
Gamefuel is fucking terrible. They can't give this stuff away to the crowd.
Kotaku is in the house apparently.

7:27 just read the thread responses:
@blehman. I don't have to be out here, but it looks like fun.

Remember email me instead of dropping responses in the thread. I'll post the whole thing here.

7:31 dude from the new York times is here. And so is the king from Burger King. WTF? Why do these celebrities get to play before gamers?

7:39 drinking gamefuel. Nope still horrible. I'm hoping Adam and Morgan will work the crowd.

The next game with fame has started. The King, a retired Giants player, and a pregnant woman. The suckage is incredible.

7:43 gamehead is working the crowd. Geoff Keighly. Hope I spelled it right.

7:49 just declared my love for Sessler again. I think he's scared.

7:52 the Halo themed Pontiac Solstice is HOT!

Getting hungry... Not good

Whoa, they just debuted the new commercial. Is it new? This one takes place on a battlefield, with an old guy walking is through it.

7:54 Bungie is in the house. Got more swag.

Cnet is in the house. Also, I'm drinking gamefuel out of pity for the people slinging it. Declared love for Sessler again. Better give Webb some props next time.

8:05 fast hands net me a burger king gift card. Only worth 5 bucks but sweet anyway.

I'm getting hoarse from screaming for swag

8:15 just heckled the King with chants of big Mac, and I'm loving it. I think he have is the finger.

Bestbuy corporate is here, and frankly they're being a bunch of dicks. Not to the peeps in line but to employees. Suck it corporate, from a dude who used to work retail.

8:24 bb is making people put away their chairs and tables. The reason: because its getting close to Halo time. WTF? We still got like 3.5 hours until launch.

8:34 things have slowed down; not much going on now. All of the press have moved inside. Just BB employees and the Halo faithful remain outside.

8:38 a little perspective...
There are about 250 peeps in line. There were more in line for the PS3 and Wii I suppose. But there are tons of people inside BB, and random peeps just milling about on the street.

8:47 another Giants player is in the house. If they would have blown that game yesterday, this would be REALLY awkward.

9:00 starting to feel a little tired. May need a gamefuel IV.

9:10 gonna sign off for a bit. Wait a second...Sessler is working the crowd. Adam, what's about me!?!

10:10 gonna sign off now. Pretty dead out here, save the occassional T-shirt giveaway.

10:47 holy shit, Grand Theft Auto is in the house! They're giving away tees and sweet ass posters.

Haha, the best buy people are pissed! Totally cockblocking the GTA dudes.

11:07 Shane Kim is speaking inside the store. Dude looks cereal for real.

11:17 scored some GTA4 stuff. Sniper Niko poster is awesome

11:33 I'm snagging swag out the sky! Too slow bitches!

11:40 oh shit! Marines on mongooses in the street for real!
And a Halo H3 hummer. Troops deliver the boxes. Master chief invites the 2 front people inside. Master Chief gives them their copies personally.

That mongoose shit was incredible!

A nice little ceremony inside the store. Ludacris poses with the marines and Master Chief.

11:52 the countdown clock starts

The crowd has been awesome! Its good to have conversations with real gamers.

Haha riding brokeback. That's what the host said anyway.

12:00 we're going in!

Holy shit. Inside of BB is insane! They're treating is like we saved the president or something! Lots of pats on the back, and a free burger king gift card.

12:10 got my copy and some pics of the vehicles. I'm heading home. G'night.
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