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Of Multiplayer Models and Men


This image was created using Nick Smith's Halo 3 Player Model Generator Script (which uses Bnet's database in some way that is far beyond my understanding). I know that we're being inundated with useless Halo 3 blogs, but I thought I would share this since I had not seen all of the armor permutations yet.

This script lets you play around with the different helment/armor/color combinations for both Spartans and Elites, and gave me my first look at several of the different armor sets. I think this may be my favorite change in multiplayer for H3, as I've become sick of murdering (and being murdered by) clones for the past several years. Maybe now I'll be able to find that little kid who aced me and then teabagged me while insulting my Native American heritage and exact revenge.

This script was a little spotty when I used it, so I'm not sure which helment/armor actually belongs with which name, but it sure was fun to play with.

Check it out here

Also, check out the Halo 3 Emblem Generator from Grunts R Us.

Thanks to halo.bungie.org for the heads up.
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