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When it's more than a PS4


First, no need to pile on the Xbox One.  We all know it hasn't been the greatest and it's lacking games right now but it's a fine system.  Microsoft gave me some great gaming years with the original XBox and the 360 and I'm eternally grateful for that.  But I'd been feeling that lack of games a lot recently.  We all have rough patches at some point and recently I've been going through a rough patch, an extended one at that and I hadn't had that gaming experience to help pull me through.

Throughout my life I've always used gaming to help me through these rough patches and I just didn't have a ton of gaming opportunity these past years.  It was rather disappointing to me as I use that as a way to let off steam, get out some aggression, and just unwind.  So I was lacking, until to my shock this community stepped in and did something amazing by getting me my first ever PlayStation console.  The PS4!

 First things first I love this system already!  It's a deep love.  We're in an exclusive relationship.  We're looking at wallpaper samples, so it's pretty serious.  I love the look of the system.  It fits my entertainment stand so well.  Also I do like the interface.  It's nothing special, but it gets the job done.  I'd heard horror stories about the controller, but for my first Sony system, I really like the feel of it.  My only issue...the battery life is just horrendous.

 The biggest piece, the games.  Oh the games.  When I first got my PS4, I literally spent like 10 minutes just staring open mouthed at the selections of games. Yakuza, Uncharted, NieR, Zodiac Age, Gravity Rush, Bloodborne, Nioh, etc.  Oh my...so much to do.  I feel like I'm trying out new toilets, wishing I could use them all.  I mean that's the dream isn't it?

The games I've played so far have just been outstanding.  I started with a little Zodiac Age when I was first "babysitting" a PS4.  I fell in love with FF 12 all over again.  The combat, the licenses, the setting, so good.  It's like a wet dream of video games.  Spectacular.

Uncharted 4 was my next excursion.  I've played some of the Uncharted games in the past, but they weren't really on my radar.  This game was outstanding.  The gameplay, the story, the locations were gorgeous.  For a game that I didn't have a preference about, shocked the hell out of me and was an awesome ride.

Next came Bloodborne.  Again, a game I knew was good, but didn't think would be great.  Boy was I wrong.  This was just such a fun and amazing game.  The combat was so satisfying.  The locations were mesmerizing.  Some of the bosses were just epic battles.  That game became one of my favorite experiences ever.

At this point I'm working on Persona 5 now.  And wow.  Beautiful.  An RPG that I just can't stop playing.  I love the battle system.  I love the enemy design.  The palaces are incredible.  And the relationship management is absolutely addicting.  Thank you Dtoid for the recommendation on this bad boy.

I still have Nioh to get started and I can't wait.  I have every intention of offering NieR, Yakuza, Horizon.  There's just so much gaming and I can't wait.  It's actually a little overwhelming.  Not to mention the over 40 friends I have on PSN as opposed to my 2 I had on the One.  You like me, you really like me!

 But by and far the best thing about the PS4 was the gesture.  When I got my PS4, I am not ashamed to admit, that I cried like I haven't cried since I watched The Notebook for the 11th time in July.  For all the bad that has been going on in my life this was a beacon of hope, as tacky as this sounds.  It showed that as bad as things could get, there was still good to be had.  It showed me that I have friends out there that care for me.  That care what happens to me and my loved ones.  It showed me that as bad as this world is at times, and it can be damn bad at times, there are good people in this world.

This is my first Sony gaming system and like I said, I absolutely love it already.  Sure the games are great, but that isn't the main reason I love it.  I love it for what it symbolizes.  I love it because it's a sign.  A sign of a brotherhood and sisterhood.  A sign of the dtoid community and how we really are a family.  A sign that we stick together, even through our differences.  I will cherish this gift forever and as I'm playing my Nioh and Persona and Bloodborne, I play with a smile on my face now, as I think of all the friends that have made this possible.   So maybe I'll see you all around out there in PlayStation land.

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