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Tristero's Hobby, let me show it to you

So Tristero just let everyone know that in his spare time he's a scalawag and a vandal. I mentioned I had my own story of signage vandalism to tell, with pics, and so now I shall relate the story.

Fresh out of college last year, my first job was at a gem and mineral booth at the county fair. My sister and I worked there together, selling jewelry and cutting geodes. Our bosses were pretty damn cool.

Anyway, next to our little outdoor rock hock shop there was a food wagon called Juicy's, a rather massive portable establishment with two large grills, one on either end of the trailer. They had two massive grills which blew smoke in our direction and into the Gem & Mineral building. They also used a sound system to blast the same attract message/country song covers recording every day, and it looped probably every hour. My sister and I caught the brunt of this assault, but left it to the Gem & Mineral people to complain. A week or so into the festivities, they'd had enough.

Anyway, the music got turned down and the grilling subsided a bit, but the memory remained. When the last fair day was over and we were packing things up and breaking down the booths, someone noticed a diner sign had been left by the garbage can. Juicy's had packed up and left before us, not having to pack small, fragile stones and jewelry or disassembled glass display cases. Apparently they decided they didn't need the menu sign any more. The sign was brought up to my booth. My sister and I were going to catch a ride home with two of our superiors, so as time wore on and our packing skills were no longer needed as there was less and less to disassemble, I waited in the lunch room and took the menu sign with me.

I spent the better part of that afternoon making the sign as gloriously offensive as I could. I wanted to squeeze every last letter and numeral into this rearrangement and have it all make some kind of sense. I left it for the most part in menu format, but changed nearly all of the items and a few of the prices. My sister made a couple contributions that resulted in the finished product. There were several ideas that were lost or reworked to achieve total efficiency. Many Bothans died to bring me this inspiration.

I managed to anagram the whole damn thing.

Now, see for yourself the fruits of my labor.
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