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Thoughts on Breath of the Wild [Minor Spoilers]


I just finished Breath of the Wild not too long ago

Everywhere I look I keep hearing that it's a masterpiece. Since I'm sort of in the minority here, and doesn't quite see it that way I thought I'd share my thoughts

Long story short, I thought it was good. Not a masterpiece but good! I ended up playing around 110 hours before beating it. Part of the reason why is I decided I’m going to play without fast travel at least until I beat it. I spent a heck of a lot of time goofing off though, so most of that isn't just due to being on foot/horse. I think playing this way definitely changed my experience for the better as it's easily to happen upon interesting things along the way.


When I first started the game it was magic! The way everything felt open, the way everything worked logically ( like enemies and objects) and the feeling of working from nothing gathering what you can to survive. I'll say it right now, at a base level the game may very well be a masterpiece there's a ridiculous amount of potential at the games foundation.


Tons of hours out it was still fun, I loved running into enemies that could just end me immediately or accidently blowing myself up off a cliff with a bomb and tumbling to my death. Ha I died so many times just trying to climb things. Just simple things that remind you, Hey! These activities are dangerous!


Being even more difficult, I was only powering up my stamina meter at the time and I felt like I'd rely on Miphas grace instead of getting shrine hearts. After I defeated 3 divine beasts I decided I'd finally get the master sword. Sadly you can't even get the master sword until you have… around eh 10 or 12 hearts. The game became relatively easy at that point and may possibly be the point where the honeymoon ended.


Early on I had the thrill of the challenge to keep me engaged but once that's gone I suppose you start to look for your thrills elsewhere and in my opinion that's where this game loses its luster. The game is well crafted, plays nicely, and presents itself beautifully what went wrong!? Challenge was never something I went to Zelda games for. Something about the game felt… hollow, like there's something missing from it.


My favorite parts of the game were the beginning and end of it. The castle really started feel like the game hit its stride. Nice music, unique atmosphere, and it actually felt like I was progressing through a stage that wasn't a relatively small enclosure like the divine beasts or shrines! I can't really explain it but it started to feel like "Zelda" at that point. Where the rest of the game felt like…. optional side missions. I don't mean that in a technical way, even if the game required you to do all 4 beasts it wouldn't change anything, I mean the way it presents these things feels like a side mission. There's no weight to these quests to make them central to the game. Even the rewards feel hollow due to the vicious cycle of the weapon system.


Perhaps the game suffers from being all carrot and no stick causing an issue with pacing (akin to eating ice cream every day). Everything is more or less given to you right to the start and because of that it's almost as if there's nothing to work towards. I think that's inherently my problem with it. It's almost as if to get the most out of the game you have to make your own adventure out of it, which to me feels like extra work. I like to have some challenge to complete or some engaging story or characters. Breath of the Wild is virtually story-less with characters that aren't really given a chance to really leave an impression and its filed with mostly hollow challenges that don't really work towards anything. Because of that, I think it falls short of other Zelda's in some ways. Many Zelda games leave a lasting impression in terms of story or some sequence of events This one seems to pass all that off to the player like me for example fondly remembering blowing myself off that cliff… good times : ) , but it's difficult to credit the game itself for that, after all even a bad game can have good memories due to something you did.


Honestly I like how Link Between Worlds did things. That was a game where you could get lost meandering around and stumble upon on one of the places you need to go and you had no idea whether you were on a side mission or the main mission. I loved doing that!


Alright I guess I’m done with my scattered and typo laden rambling now.


It wasn't a masterpiece for me but it was still a great game. Just need a little more "Zelda" to it to give it that perfection.

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