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America Bans Sale of Vietnamese Title United Force - Yellow News


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced the upcoming Vietnam military shooter United Front is banned from being sold within the United States on grounds of “glorifying the massacre of Americans”.

Joseph Hays, spokesman of the FCC, released an official press statement on the matter: “After review, we have concluded United Force is no more than indecent psychological warfare about the slaughter of tens of thousands of Americans. It seeks to convince young Americans that America is a failed country unable to fight for freedom.” Hays went on to comment there would be “legal consequences” for brick-and-mortar and online stores that breech the ban.

United Force is the first title by Vietnamese game developer Sea Breeze Games and is being published by Chinese publisher Tencent. According to their official website, United Force's campaign has you “fight as a Northern Vietnamese soldier trying to bring unity to a chaotic land of invaders, fire and instability”. Game director Binh Lai revealed the campaign “would offer an engaging, engrossing and intense experience inspired by Chinese cinema and actual historical accounts” as players are “challenged to use ingenuity, precision and intelligent aggressive plays to achieve victory in the face of being out-gunned and out-numbered”.

The American ban comes in the wake of the reveal last month of an interactive QTE cutscene where, as an 8 year old girl, you must sneak past American soldiers setting fire to your village. The introduction scene ends with you being shot in the back and, while your character cries for their mother, a soldier walks up to apathetically shoot you a second time. While a chilling scene, video game critics are split on whether it is necessary depiction or callous. In the wake of the ban and the controversy, Lai revealed that the scene would be optional and “we're in communication with the FCC about what content would need to be cut or changed to unban it”.

United Force has been confirmed to be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 and a season pass has been announced. A release date and the details of the pass have yet to be revealed.


Yellow News is a satirical series about not only making fun of but also making observations about video games and the culture surrounding them. I'm sorry if the above satirical piece caused any offence. 

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