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Pokemon: Nintendo's Ultra Silence isn't Cutting it


To put it in perspective, I freaking love the mainline Pokemon games. I started with Ruby and played almost every main entry since. Hell, I didn't commit to getting a Switch until they announced Gamefreak was developing a new Pokemon game for it. So it hurts for me to say that it feels like Nintendo isn't giving us any reason to be excited for Ultra Sun and Moon.

Look, I get that these "enhanced versions" are going to come with the usual upgrades that Emerald, Platinum, and Black/White 2 had. Reworked story, more move tutors, and new forms for some legendaries are a given. But we're about three months away from the game coming out and the announced features are less exciting than the implied ones. Let's start with what's been confirmed. The story isn't going to be the exact same as Sun/Moon and Lunala, Solgaleo, and Lycanroc have new forms. That's it. Is the story just a tweaked version of the original like Emerald or a sequel like Black/White 2? I don't know. How is Lycanroc's Dusk form different from it's other two? Beats me. It's bad enough that it's so little information, but the fact that we know so little about so little is just baffling. 

As for what's implied, there's the usual move tutors that are included in the remakes and "enhanced" versions. It'll be nice to see what new tools the Alolan Pokemon and regional forms will get, especially if they add new moves like Ice Hammer and Shore Up. Also, there's the chance of new Z-Moves and Alolan forms. The Hoenn remakes added new Mega Evolutions since they were the major innovation for the generation, so it's not out of the question. Lastly, Sun and Moon had unused walking and running animations for just about every Pokemon in the game. Maybe this time they'll be used for the following mechanic introduced in Gold and Silver? 

Look, it won't change the world but at least it's something. Also it's adorable, which is always a plus.

These guesses aren't just my hopes for what Ultra Sun/Moon will have, they're safe bets that Nintendo should be showing us to drum up excitement. The games were announced in June and are scheduled to release in November. Two months of that short marketing time have flown by and there's almost nothing to show for it. It gives the impression that either there just isn't enough worth showing off or that Nintendo thinks the audience doesn't care. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm sure not the only one who cares. We've all got games we missed out on, games we got on sale or for free, and other new games to be excited about this holiday season. If we aren't given a reason to remember Ultra Sun/Moon, then there's plenty else for us to remember. 

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