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PREPARE TO CONTEST - The Master Gaming List Birthday Giveaway! (Winners!)



Thanks for waiting everyone! After an unscheduled illness, I'm back to announce the winners! Since most of you were in this for fun, the key distribution reached MAXIMUM FRIENDSHIP.

Stellaris will go to... Rico Penguin!

The Witness goes to... Gmana!

Undertale goes to... KevlarMonkey!

Abzu goes to... Scrustle! (No, it's not cheating, I never said you could only enter once!)

Citadel: Forged With Fire goes to both GoofierBrute and Roager!

Due to a communication error, the Slime Rancher key can not be handed out. I will try to find a substitute for the intended winner, Inquisitive Ravenclaw.

I will get the keys out to the winners via PM as soon as I can. Thank you all for participating, and keep being beautiful, lovely people.


Thanks to everyone for participating! I'll try to announce winners soon!


Hey everyone! We're now into week two-ish of the contest, so I'm giving the contest a bump. I'm also adding Slime Rancher to the list of prizes.


Good Morning/Evening/Yesterday, my Friends/Robots/INSERT WAIFU HERE,

More or less a week ago, the Master Gaming List turned one year old. I had a speech prepared, but the blog editor ate it four or five times over the last few days, so I'm kind of winging it now.

Despite all of the threatening and cajoling I initially made to get you all on the list, I never imagined I'd still be adding names a year later (and by "you all", I mostly mean GajKnight). It was kind of a ridiculous undertaking at first, trying to make a semi-permanent, easily-updatable list of everyone's contact info. I'm not even sure what everyone was being hyped over last year that got me to do this.

That said, I'm glad it came together, and this list has lead to many other things for me on Destructoid; whether it was me becoming our laziest, cuddliest Community Manager, or our laziest, cuddliest Reviews-type-person, I have always enjoyed the full love and support of this community.

In thanks, and with the assistance of quite a few others, I've gathered up a number of game keys to give away to you all.

The Contest

I've never run a contest before, so let's keep things simple. Write me a haiku about your favorite game.


1. The haiku must not include the title of the game.

2. I will accept any other form of structured poetry if you are unable to haiku but can iambic pantameter (you monster).

3. Please state what key you are going for, and a backup if that one is taken (admittedly, it's quantity over variety here)

4. The tentative end date of the contest will be August 13th, and will be bumped at least once during that time.

Available Keys

-Aporia: Beyond The Valley (Multiple Keys)
-The Witness
-Citadel: Forged With Fire (Multiple Keys)
-Slime Rancher

Thank you to all 282 of you who have made the Master List a successful project over the past year! I will continue updating it into the forseeable future.

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Robo Panda Z   
Gajknight   89
Kevin Mersereau   78
Wes Tacos   74
Larx   70
Floppablecat   67
Hypno    44
nanashi   41
Gamemaniac3434   30
RiffRaff    25
Malthor   21
homeoftheblues   19
CblogRecaps   17
Angie22   15
kevlarmonkey   14
Scrustle   14
Gmana   13
On Air Fish   13
TurboKill   12
GoofierBrute   11
Uber Mashu   10
Retrofraction   10
Voodoome   10
dephoenix   9
Zer0t0nin   9
triggerpigking   7
Roager   6
Funkotrons Finest   5
PStoid   5
NakedBigBoss   3
M Randy   1
sp testure   1
NovaKnight21   1



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