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I Love My iPod, Seriously...


I don't know how it happened, its almost like having a child I guess. One part of your life you don't have it then all of a sudden you have it and next thing you know you couldn't imagine a life without one. If you glossed over the title its just about me professing my love to the digital mecca that I know as my iPod.

I remember fondly picking up my first iPod in the winter of 2005 from RC Willey (a local furniture/electronics store), I was working a warehousing job at Hill AFB and was carrying around a discman and a couple dozen CDs to keep busy. My first iPod was a beautiful baby-blue iPod mini (4GB). At this time I didn't even own a USB 2.0 port on my computer (i'll save that for another posting) so I had to "borrow" my roommates computer for the night and the only cds i could put on it were "A Shuggoth on the Roof" which is pretty awesome if you've never heard it, picture A Fiddler on the Roof mixed with the HP Lovecraft stories. But alas, the 4GB I was soon to realize not near enough space for me so I hatched a scheme to get one of the newer Video iPods...

Luckily I found some sucker who paid me nearly what I had paid on the iPod mini, and all that it left for me to cover was the $100+ difference, also at this time (the following November) you couldn't find a Video iPod to save your life locally so I went out of town (to SLC and the Apple Store!!!). I found my lovely, slim, black (*gasp*!) 30gb (thats plenty of space!) Video iPod. I brought it home loaded that sucker up with a good chunk of music and podcasts and was happy until I noticed that swirls and scratches were appearing..."what a piece of crap these things are" I said to myself and drove up the very next day to get a replacement and a case for it.

Shortly thereafter I found a local company called ShieldZone that makes an awesome product (I suggest it to all of yous out there!) and bought their 30gb shield. Cant say enough about these guys...except the first time is always a pain-in-the-ass when it comes to applying it.

The 30GB was great, but I found myself wanting more, moRE, MORE!!!1 So I lined up a buyer for the 30GB (my mom I think...) and found myself getting a 60GB WHITE Video iPod and a FM Transmitter for the car at the local BX (no sales tax WHOOO!). I loved the fact that now I could stretch my legs and just throw crap into my new iPod and not worry about space.

What should happen a few months after I pick this guy up?!? The newer! Brighter! and Bigger 80GB iPod Video gets crapped out...its not a bad lot really, I feel like I've leased an iPod more than owned one. It cool though cause with every new one, its warranty is fresh and new! God help me though I was really tempted to pick up a Doo-doo brown Zune instead of the iPod this time though...did I just admit that?

So kids, moral of the story, I am a complete whore for my iPod, and this next one that Apple just released, can just wait. Though I want to be one of the first to get that 160gb one...hotness!!! Anyone want to buy a slightly used iPod Video 80gb???
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