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Game Development: Making Steam Achievements


Hello and welcome to the latest Boss 101 update!

Thank you for joining us again as we talk this week about the Boss 101 Steam Achievements! Exciting stuff right?

Steam Achievements

So you know we have spoken about the various in-game alerts for things like minor quests and story related activities. Well, a few of these dovetail into the main game achievements you can get. We have a list below of all the main achievements as well as the name of the achievement. 

As you might guess the goal of these is to give YOU some fun challenges as you are playing the game. There are a few about collecting things and to get some of them you will end up doing a little dive into the story and background we have in the game. Mostly though – we aimed the majority of them at the core game loop with a bunch of hidden ones for people who want to explore all the aspects of the game. 

Things like the hat collection and gun collection are not small things to do as we have nearly 260 hats in the game and about 50 or so guns. You do get some freebies but the rest you will have to earn. Ideally though – that will be enjoyable for most of you (at least we hope so). Every single hat and gun is crafted to be a cool addition to your game. It’s pretty exciting for us to be heading into the finish since we want to know how YOU will feel about Boss 101.

OK – check out the latest…

Part  1

Part 2

Part 3

In Steam!

Making Boss 101 and heading into the finish

I need to take a break here and tell you about two people who are working with me to bring you the best game possible. They are none other than Manon and Joshua. I know I have spoken about our team in the past and you might guess I have the utmost respect for their efforts and commitment in bringing you Boss 101.

You already know we are the people who MOST want to see Boss 101 come out. It’s in our best interests to get you the game sooner than later and every day it’s not in your hands is a day we aren’t generating income from the release. 

The thing is, and this is the point I am driving at, we want you to have the best game possible. That gets a LOT of lip service in the game development community. Along with the words “Metroidvania” or “Souls-like” you probably hear “bring you the best” just as much. The final proof will be in the shipped game but we are indeed committed. 
This take a lot of effort and willpower and I can tell you right now if it wasn’t for those two the Boss 101 you would be getting would be vastly different and in many ways a much poorer game. These two have gone all in and together we have a game we are really proud of. Again – I know you might hear this little line a lot but we are living our dreams.

I guess I’ll leave it with this. It’s not been an easy road since we effectively did everything the ‘hard’ way. We didn’t take shortcuts on quality. We WERE efficient but we didn’t skimp on the extras we wanted to give you. The game is about high value for you the player. 

I was speaking with Manon earlier this week and we were talking about how none of us expected the game to go past ONE year much less turn into THREE years. Think about that. Sounds crazy right? Now go back and look at our development blogs from one year ago, from TWO YEARS ago. See that game there? That’s the one you would have gotten at the time. It would have been OK I guess but it wouldn’t be THIS Boss 101 and honestly this is the BEST one we can give you.

There’s not much time left in the polish and bug phase. We expect to announce a date soon and WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. We know you want the game. We know you have been waiting. WE KNOW YOU MIGHT THINK US CRAZY TO PUT ALL THIS EFFORT IN.

Really though – it is what we need to do to feel good about shipping Boss 101. 

Thank you Manon & Thank You Joshua.

If anyone is still reading this and has any doubts about following a lifelong desire or dream. Do it. You will never regret it. You will never look back on taking a bold risk to make your life better. It’s in the EFFORT we improve. 

Do that and remember to always – live your dreams!



Boss 101 Info Roundup
Release Date: 2017
Planned Price: $9.99
Boss 101 Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/380920
Please wishlist us if you would be so kind!

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