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Teh bewbs or not teh bewbs: Sex in games


Then, of course, the whole "Hot Coffee" mod thing sort of ruined that tastefulness, but turning San Andreas sex into an incredibly unsettling mini-game (speaking of which, whichever developer or developers had a hand in that, you might want to keep it off your resume).

Maybe it's the larger-than-life nature of games and gaming that it difficult to implement sex in this way. Is it possible to create a larger-than-life-virtual sex experience that isn't either so over-the-top that it becomes comedy, or so in your face that it becomes porn? Worse yet, does the looming terror of the dreaded AO rating keep developers from properly exploring this facet of their work? Is sex in games destined to remain as fap-fodder for those bored of streaming porn?

All I know for sure is this -- as much as I loved Bioshock, and as much it's one of the strongest arguments for "games as art" that I've yet seen, I'm glad it was, as far as I could tell, sex-free. Big Daddy getting all intimate is not something I need to see.

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