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Toshiba to now be making HD Talladega Nights players?

From gamesindustry.biz. Supposedly, Sony is going to be selling their microchip production facilities to Toshiba to help reduce costs. Toshiba if you will remember (and NEC) helped create the HD-DVD format.

Direct quote from the Reuters post
�To secure a stable supply of chips for its game machines after the possible sale, Sony is considering to set up a joint venture with Toshiba to take over actual production activities at the manufacturing facilities, the sources said.�

What does this mean?
Probably nothing (but it doesn�t prevent me from speculating).

� Will Toshiba�s stance change regarding Blu-Ray?

� Could we see several PS3 price drops from this cost reduction measure from Sony?

� Could this affect the PSP as well?

� Will we actually start seeing the Cell process on other electronic devices?

� Could Toshiba later ink a deal with Sony (if their business relationship continues to improve) to bring certain Blu-Ray exclusives to HD-DVD? Like the greatest film of our time- Basic Instinct 2. (<- DEAR LORD, PLEASE UNDERSTAND I�M JOKING)
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