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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing to be Remastered – Yellow News


Infamous cult hit Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing has been announced to be getting the “demastered” treatment in Big Rigs: Demastered.

“In this age of classic games everyone loves coming back, we felt now was the perfect time to redevelop Big Rigs Dmitri Kamaz, CEO at publisher OP Productions revealed in a press release, “that said, we knew we couldn't go the traditional route of more content, more HD and more fixes. Big Rigs has an atypical popularity. It would not have been right.”

Instead, it appears developers Infestation Studios are geared towards embracing what made people fall in love with the racer. That rather than remastering Big Rigs, they're “demastering” it with more glitches than ever.

Yellow News got to try a preview build with lead designer Romeo Rolfe. As we waited for it to boot up, we realised after 5 minutes we had already encountered the first “feature bug”. Upon starting up the 2+ minutes of loading, there was a 10% chance it'd silently crash. Which, considering general my luck, it did. As we rebooted, he talked about some of the other features “so we tried to keep as many of the bugs in, although there was some we sadly had to remove as they'd cease to be feature bugs and instead be genuine uncontrollable bugs”.

While a lot of the classic bugs were there, as I speed across a strangely magnetic landscape in reverse, I quickly begun to notice some new quirks. “Is tha...-” I recall muttering to a grinning Rolfe who was slowly nodding, staring at a texture glitch rending some of the 2d buildings pink and black squares. Then suddenly the AI raced past me on the track, except going the wrong way. “We saw it almost as a competition to see how we could put in more feature bugs without rendering Big Rigs: Demastered unplayable. We even at one point threw in the chance for a distorted Escape From the City [from Sonic Adventure 2] to play for no reason in a menu or during a race, but knew Sega wouldn't be too pleased with that.”

After previewing Big Rigs: Demastered, this writer has to admit they are simply gobsmacked. It really is as though quality is circular. They've made the glitches so appalling, so peculiar and so random as to strike an awe that even the original or Ride to Hell: Retribution didn't invoke. Even as I walked away, with the knowledge that a release date wasn't in sight, I actually wanted to play more of it to see how deep the rabbit hole went. This truly was a new form of design in a playable form. It is a design philosophy not of features, content or aesthetic beauty, but of “feature bugs” being left in to frustrate and bamboozle. Yet, I am transfixed and I need more. I have to console myself with the knowledge that I will get it in time. That patience is the nectar of brilliance, and this is just so close. It just needs a little bit longer.

Big Rigs: Demastered is confirmed to be heading to PC, with no release date yet.


Yellow News is a satirical series poking fun and making observations about video games, the video game industry and and video game culture. I'm sorry for any offense made with the above satirical post.

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