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Sunday Comics: How To Be A Bad Retro Gamer Dad Part 1


I've grown a lot in the past few years.  From being perpetually single to engaged and making wedding plans, I've had to think about things I never thought I would have to.  Terrifying things.  Like raising children.

Thanks to nieces and nephews, I've spent a lot of time around very young children, so I'm not worried too much about it, generally.  But many important questions remain on how to bring up my own offspring.  Such as how to introduce them to retro games.

I think it's important to introduce people to the things you love.  But you have to be prepared for people to be uninterested and unknowledgeable.  And you have to respond carefully.  Despite wanted to be a holier-than-thou prick, you have to choke that feeling down.  Be patient and pleasant.  Help them learn and understand why it means so much to you.  Eventually they'll come around.  But only if they want to.  You can't make people enjoy it no matter how hard you try, and if you're a jerk about it they might even begin to hate what you love.  And that's the last thing you want.

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