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Oh noes! My true identity is revealed! (also: Super Paper Mario finally reaches Europe!)

How could you know? Just how?

There is no way you could know that I'm actually a rabbid! This is just impossible! Now you all know my true identity...


Okay, since you blew my cover, I can stop acting like a normal person. So prepare for some random DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! in future posts.

Super Paper Mario is finally out here in Europe! But I think you know this already. You may also know that it freakin' rocks. Seriously. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Thus, I won't talk about this game. I want to write some lines about Avatar: The Last Airbender for Wii, a game I really, REALLY hate. It's not because of the gameplay. It's because of the problems I had with it.

In chapter 3 (The Forest), the game inclines to freeze during the save process. All you can do is to turn the console off. But would you like to turn the console off if there is a message on the screen telling you not to do that? This just makes me go DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! And even though the reviews of G4 are pretty much just awful, they mentioned this problem in their review video. So I'm not the only one suffering from that bug.

Okay, this bug only occurred in chapter 3. Since then, there were not freezes or anything like that. Until chapter 7, the last chapter of the game. My inventory was pretty much full so I had to sell some stuff. After I sold all the equipment I didn't need anymore, the console stopped reading the disc an I got an error message! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I HATE THIS GAME! I'm glad that I can just throw away any item I don't need!

The problem is definetly not my console. All the other games work flawless. It's just Avatar: The Last Airbender that doesn't want to work properly. Maybe I just got bad luck with the game discs (It's my second Avatar disc)...

Anyway, I finally beat this game and now I can fully concentrate on Super Paper Mario.
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Since the Destructoid Random Title found it out already, I can admit it: I'm a Rabbid. So there will be some random DAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! in my posts. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

My hideout is in Germany. Also, my English isn't perfect. So if you have problems to read my texts, tell me about it. I try to explain what I was trying to write then.

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