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The Darkest Changes You Will Find In The Upcoming Months


The acquisition of Destructoid by the Canadian company Enthusiast Gaming has let people fearing about possible changes for the site and honestly, it is okay to be scared. As someone working for the company, I decided it would be okay to share those details you need to prepare about.

It is true that it is impossible to list all the small changes, so I will focus on the big ones.


Mr. Destructoid Is No Longer The Mascot

For a company, an important point for consideration is to keep a positive image for the brand, as it affects to the actual and potential readers point of view. But if we are honest for a minute, those that are getting the most attention are those who don't give a shit about the site but have the power of hurting the company's image with a single tweet. No words needed.

In order to keep it safe, it has been decided that the mascot of the site, Mr. Destructoid, is no more. By removing the single aspect that gave a living-phobia image to the site, it will give the chance to use a fresh but somehow generic logo that screams for a professional and positive point of view. Here are both current drafts:


Front Blogs Are Going To Be More Often...

Keeping a site up needs time and effort but from a business point of view, it comes to money. While most of the income comes from advertisements, the truth is that more users are using ad blocking tools which leave two options to the management team: fire employees or trick people to get free content.

It is unknown who is going to need a new job soon but with such a strong community as Destructoid, the community blogs are a mine of content waiting to be exploited. Do you like reading a few entries each week? It is nice, as it is going to be half the content from the site.

Oh, and there are going to be more ads.


New Community Quick Posts Rules

Let's go straight to the point: no anime, no fetishes, no weird memes and mostly no topics that aren't related to video games. It is important to add that mods will be less tolerant to slightly no safe for work posts, so if you have any memes or shit saved in a folder, it is time to upload before it is too late.

Do you like political or religious jokes? These will be a baneable offense too.

They want you to keep your shit for other sites


Enthusiast Gaming Is Taking Over E3

Destructoid has access to many privileges that few sites have access to and being a judge for E3 is one of them. One of the ideas behind the acquisition is to get that power to the company, as it is one of the things a company can give a big sack of money for a vote. It doesn't mean it will happen, that is for sure, but wink wink.

What is not clear is if there are going to be parties like usual so I guess we will find it out next year. It is also worth mentioning the Enthusiast Gaming Live is a thing, a Canadian equivalent of the E3 event so at least you can expect some kind of party.


And Finally, The Most Important Aspect Of This Blog

Don't worry, stuff won't change. This community will be as awesome as it is.

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