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Hey guys, figured it's been a while so I'll do a few house keeping things, announce a few things, set a few release dates and all that. It'll be quick and painless. Let's get into it. 

So for that cursed top ten. It will happen. It's being written, there are just a few games I wanted to play before releasing it. It will be a good time when it does come out. I can't wait to get it put to be honest, because it's been quite the process. I have some new reviews coming up soon!! I've been working on a Sonic 06 one that should be out in like two weeks or so, I want to write a review of the Indie Game the Movie documentary, possibly a restrospective on the Doom series, a review of Fallout New Vegas(my favorite game of all time).  a review of a few of the Star Trek games, and a few other things that I have milling around. I also kind of want to talk about a few different topics and mechanics. I'm thinking about writing about the history of science fiction games and a few of the best examples of it, a look at Rouge likes/lites and how they have evolved, and a brief history of RPGs. These are all huge undertakings and probably won't be happening for a while, but I figured I'd get it out there that they are being worked on. I think it will be diverse and fun. I really just want to up my output here. I know that it hasn't been too high, so that will be fixed. I'm going to post something every week. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

And lastly, I'm working on a game!! It is called You Clicked the Wrong Link and is being made in Twine. It is in very very early stages but I've been loving making it. It is heavily inspired by the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure game, Labyrinth, puzzle games, pen and paper RPGs and Albert Camus. That may sound weird but I think it'll be good.  It should be out before the end of the next month and I'm really excited for you guys to read it. I will probably write little updates to let you guys know how it's going. 

But yeah, that's what's been going on with me. I got out of school two weeks two and summer has still been busy. Been hanging out with some friends, because normally I tend to not leave the house at all if I don't have reason to. But I have been excercising and it has made me feel a tab more healthy which is always fun. Also been playing lots of great video games, reading books, and watching awesome films. So what is going on with you person reading this?? What are you doing?? Tell me in the comments. Or don't. I don't fucking care. And remeber, the navi is a lie....

- thanks for reading my thing

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