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Who the fuck is OrochiChristopher?


Hi guys & gals! Forgive me for this potentially self-applauding blog, but I have some news to share with my community brethern. Niero & friends (great sitcom) have bestowed upon me the honour of a real name and an avatar of my odd face! (and a position on the Destructoid team.)

As I have mentioned previously, I have been a staff writer for a selection of websites and publications before. I have experience in reviews, event coverage, news reporting, blogging and interviews, as well as over twenty-five years of very tired-eyed gaming. This has all helped me get my foot in the door here at Destructoid, a website which I have frequented for many years. My new role here is relatively small, but you should be seeing more of my own personal brand of street justice written content as I show everyone here how it's done/run the site into the ground.

Thanks go to Niero and the crew for giving me this fantastic opportunity. I hope to do you guys proud. I must extend my biggest thanks to all those community members who pushed me on, inspired me, picked me up when I was down and made Destructoid my internet home. I don't really want to name names, because I fear leaving folk out, but everyone who has followed me, read my interviews and Qposts, joined in my reindeer games, fapped me till I was dry and given me the drive to keep going when things were bleak, I owe you all so much. You are my friends and I love you. I have to shout out Occams, a man who has gone to bat for me time and again and always believed in my worth, maybe moreso than I do myself.

Bear with me as I learn the ropes and fumble my way onto the front page, comically tripping and breaking vases along the way. I will remain as much a part of the Qposts as I always have been, my Community Interviews will continue (I got too many to get through to quit!) and I hope all of you continue to enjoy and support my work going forward. Everyone knows I love this site and its community. In my heart I genuinely believe it's the best collection of vidyagame fans on the 'net and I'm beyond stoked to be a part of its future, a future we will all work towards as one.

Thanks for reading and here's to all y'all. There's no group of people anywhere on teh intarnetz I'm prouder to call my friends. I love you.

-The artist likely always known as Orochileona

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