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Lawbreakers Developers to Release Pornography of Their Cast – Yellow News


Boss Key Productions founder Britney Steele unveiled an upcoming pornography collection featuring all the characters of Lawbreakers called “The Heartbreakers Collection”.

In a blog post on the official Lawbreakers website, Steele wrote: “When Overwatch was released, there were two things we noticed. The first was that the pictures of Mercy and Pharah doin' the business appeared soon after, but also that most images were pretty bad. Quite frankly, I less wanted to ping my pebble to them and more wanted to send them to be evaluated on a children's show... We knew porn was going to be made of our cast of heartbreakers, so it seemed obvious to set the standard.”

Although that wasn't the only reason according to Steele as “we noticed that Overwatch seemed to embrace the porn while Battleborn's Randy Pitchford wanted to bury the porn. So Battleborn failing while Overwatch soared seemed no coincidence.” The developer went on to write that she felt that pornography was acting as a form of audience participation of lore as well as an indication of which characters they like and do not like.

However the collection of both drawn and animated work has drawn some ire from the community. DeviantART member NotPr0n, whose library includes Battleborn porn in both drawn and written form, told us that nothing could replace community-based porn and by raising the expectation bar you would theoretically lock out amateur pornographers. We reached out to Steele for comment who responded by saying:

“While we do want to set a bar so more skilled pornographers feel a need to really go all-out, we also will be watching eagerly to what our community produces. We knew porn was going to be made of our loveable cast, but we really want to invite them to go nuts. We purposely went all out on the fetishes so people aren't intimidated to draw their own. Hell, I think one picture has Cronos finding a fresh new way to do guro, I think it is called guro? So we are hoping that by embracing it as developers with our Heartbreaker Collection people aren't put-off by the standard but more excited by saying “shit, I wonder whose feet Toska-9 would suck on?”. The answer? Whoever you want baby!”

The Heartbreaker Collection will be released as a zip file for free and as a hardback and DVD combo for $35 on the 12th of July. Pre-orders are available for the bundle from the website. Lawbreakers will be released onto PC and PS4 on the 8th of August.


Yellow News is a satirical series designed around making fun and making points about the video game industry and video game culture. I'm sorry for any offense caused by the contents. 

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