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Destructoid, Enthusiast Gaming & Ch-Ch-Changes


'The times they are a changin'' warbled Bob Dylan way back when, and how right he was. Who knew then that his song was actually about the acquisition of our beloved Destructoid with Toronto-based company Gaming Enthusiast, That Dylan sure had some foresight.

The merger is set to provide some of the long-term members of the inner sanctum with much-deserved reward and security, as well as giving Papa Niero a chance to finally take some of the pressures of survival off of his shoulders and share that shit out amongst others. The people that built the good house Dtoid should finally see some solid compensation for the efforts, and hopefully feel a little more secure as wave upon wave of gaming websites and forums struggle to exist in these social-media driven days.

However, with change comes concern, and its with good cause, because change can be unpredictable. Every good idea that ever turned sour began with change, a turn left that should've been a turn right. Life is very difficult, and we are faced with thousands of changes in the course of every year. These range from the minor, a dietery change for example, to the major, such as a change in a relationship, a house move or a health issue. All major changes bring about anxiety and concern, because they involve a loss of control and a step into the unknown, with the knowledge that it may turn out to have been the wrong move to make, or to have an outcome that involves struggle and conflict.

I struggle with change. I like to be secure in myself and my surroundings, change can scare and upset me. But I'm also a pragmatist, and once my arm-flailing drama is out of the way, I usually adapt quickly and easily, but always with one eye kept firmly on the foundation for any cracks. It has to be that way, because adaptation is a key element of both survival and progression. I don't like change, but stagnance holds me back. Stagnance is warm and comfortable, but it isn't very exciting. Sometimes I want warm and comfortable, but that's likely just the fear talking. I've lead an interesting life, with hundreds of bizarre stories to tell, and all of them come from taking pretty big leaps, confronting conflicts, or even irresponsible spontaneity. Whilst I fear change, it's facing the challenge it brings that has led to indelible memories, good and bad, whilst everything else has kind of faded away.

I love this community, and some of its members are currently faced with upsetting challenges brought about by a change in their life, but they are strong people, they will adapt, they will fight and they will survive. They also have us, all of us, who have their backs and share that link that is only available through this strange, undescribable bond that is 'anonymous internet friends' I know for sure you guys have helped me through some tough times, and I do my best to do the same for you.

Ultimately, Destructoid will change in multiple ways, no matter what anyone says. Mergers always, always lead to changes. But they can be for the better, Dtoid can evolve from this and, whilst scary, it's also exciting. For anyone concerned about the recent news, I hear and feel ya, I honestly do. Just take comfort in what we have here, our friends and community. We got each other, and we're pretty much unbreakable. I've met people here for whom I feel deep-rooted connections, I know many of you have too, and nothing's changing that.

Destructoid is on course for an exciting, prosperous future and whatever it brings, we got this, all of us. We're the best videogame community on the internet. Whether paid staff, FP contributor, mod squad, Cblogger, Qposter or beloved community member. We'll face the changes, both the collective and individual ones, together as one and, above all, we'll have a wicked fucking time doing it.

(^ A bit of a cheesy quote, sure, but I think it fits the Dtoid Community pretty snug, amiroight?)

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