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New Square-Enix RPG Announcement Flies Under Radar: Lost Sphere


Last month Square-Enix announced the new game from Tokyo RPG Factory known as Lost Sphere, and confirmed that the game will be coming to the PS4, PC (Steam), and Switch. The game is about a planet that is slowly disappearing from unknown an cause, and it is up to you and your companions to return things to normal. The gameplay is very much like their last title, I Am Setsuna, where enemy encounters happen on field and uses an ATB system akin to Chrono Trigger. Though this time they have added a few new wrinkles to the combat in order to freshen things up a bit, though how much these changes to the combat will be noticed remains to be seen. So far no news outlets have reported on this title, including some of the more niche websites. Which is a shame, since it looks like a solid game. It has been confirmed that there will be a physical edition of the game, and it comes with 2 downloadable songs. The catch is that it's only available on the Square-Enix web store. As a fan of classic style JRPG's, I am eagerly awaiting to get this game, I plan on buying the Switch version.


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