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I'd p0wn that for a dollar!

Amongst the slew of emails I get from game developers, publisher, PR agents and some guy from Nigeria who needs me to help get 50 million dollars out of his country I found a download link to some...ASSets for the online game Kwari. If you haven't herd Kwari is an upcoming online FPS that gives you the opportunity to earn real money by fragging others. Or should I say, Kwari is a game that gives you the opportunity to run up a credit card debt while being repeatedly humiliated by 14 wankers.

Mixed in with a bunch of screenshots of the game was this little gem of pic:

The gun toting avatar you are seeing here has a special ability known as "Booty". This unique ability (only available for female avatars) temporarily stuns other players who happen to feast their eyes upon it, thus leaving them completely vulnerable to attack. "Booty" is a powerful ability in Kwari only accessible to high level players who have spent a considerable amount of money in the game.

Those who are tempted can go sign up for the beta on the Kwari website.
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