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Ubisoft Announces Operator Charity Pack for Rainbow Six Siege - Yellow News


Creative Director for Rainbow Six: Siege, Shaun Seans, revealed in a press release that Ubisoft Montreal would be selling a two-operator pack to help raise money for charity. Said pack will be exclusively available to paying customers for a week, with all proceeds going to charity, before being opened up to being purchased via Renown or R6 Credits.

The pack, called the “Playtime in War Pack” after the charity the proceeds will be going to, will contain two operators Sean was keen to talk about. “So we wanted to design two operators that would tie in to the important work Playtime in War are doing in regions like Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Work which includes discouraging child recruitment, educating children and helping reintegration of those unfortunate enough to become child soldiers.

“So we would like to introduce the child-soldiers Nabl and Anansi, our two new operators to Rainbow Six Siege. This will be an important milestone for Rainbow Six Siege as both Nabl and Anansi will be smaller than other operators, leaving a smaller hit-box which we felt would upset the balance of the game. To rectify this, and to reflect their status as malnourished children, we are pleased to announce our first 0 armour 3 speed operators who will have less health than other operators. We also felt it'd be appropriate to make their footsteps lighter to also reflect their stature, making them good within a roamer or anti-roamer role.”

Seans announced more details, such as weapon load-outs and the operators' special abilities, will be released later this week.

The pack will be going live as paid DLC on Steam, Uplay, Microsoft's Xbox Store and the Playstation Store from the 26th June to the 3rd of July for $5. From the 4th of July onwards it will be available for standard DLC operator prices.


Disclaimer: Yellow News is a satirical series. The above information is for (albeit incredibly dark and bleak) humour purposes only and as a satirical illustration. I'm really sorry if the content goes too far and upsets people. 

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