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Fans Upset With Nintendo's Mario Lore Reveal – Yellow News


Fans of the popular character Mario was left distraught with Nintendo's unveiling of Super Mario Odyssey at E3. Some have gone on record as calling the footage as “a betrayal of everything sacred”.

The footage in question showed Mario's hat resting upon the head of a Bullet Bill, a human man and even a t-rex. The recipient of the hat would then wield a moustache and be under control by the player. The reveal that the hat of the beloved icon Mario is a brain parasite has left audiences shaken by the realisation that said icon may simply be the vessel of said parasite rather than being an actual sentient character.

Mario fan-club The Mushroom Kingdom All-Stars president Tanya Gondii, who writes under the pseudonym Sister Goomba, commented on the backlash from her community. “Mario was meant to be a fun figure! A happy figure! A noble figure! He was a hero with a firm established lore that was deep, about sacrifice and inspires everyone to be better people. So of course everyone was going to be angry at being told all along you're just controlling the hat controlling Mario! What the f&*k was Nintendo thinking?!”.

Gondii added that some fans have begun to feel disillusioned. “When your hero turns out to be a brain parasite, it is like nothing is okay any more. That all the good deeds was, like, a f^@king ant with a liver fluke in its f#%king brain climbing onto a blade of grass. So of course some members have shown signs of depression and one unfortunately hasn't been heard from for the last few days. But we'll stay strong, most of us are ignoring this blatant insult of who Mario is. To us, Mario is the hero, not the hat.”

We contacted Nintendo for comment on the backlash and a spokesman responded to our requests by saying “it is unfortunate to hear there are people who are upset with the lore. We were following strict guidance of Miyamoto who has always wanted to say the hero was actually the hat since Super Mario Bros 3 but due to technical limitations we were unable to pursue this. With the advent of the Switch, we are excited to unveil this lore through Super Mario Odyssey and we will be updating virtual versions of prior games to include eyes on the hat to better represent who the actual hero is, and that anyone can be the hero.”

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on the 27th of October 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. You can watch the trailer shown at E3 below.



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