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Can you top my gaming desktop?

Nothing says nerd cred like a well-conceived gaming desktop.

The wallpaper itself comes from a graphic artist deviant art user who goes by "Smash Method." In addition to this one, he has a couple other notable 3D modeled Mario themed wallpapers such as Abstract Mario Love, A Very Shy Gathering, Thirteen Up, As the Sun Sets on Mushroom..., Mario Love 2, Mario Love 3, Don't Play with Bomb-ombs Again, and Don't Play with Bomb-ombs Again 2. I suggest you take a look.

Of course, the best part of my desktop would have to be the Recycle Bin, or in my case, Yoshi. When something is in it, the icon will change and when emptied, you'll hear the Yoshi swallowing sound.

Other details include the beginning part of the Mario theme on start-up and the SMB gameover jingle when logging off, and the replacement of the traditional folder icons with question blocks. I've even gone as far as to set the power-up and pipe entering sound when I minimize and enlarge windows. And it wouldn't be complete without the Zelda "thing get" sound playing when a download or installation completes.

So now that I've either earned your respect or gratuitous amounts of pity, its time you show me what you've got.
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