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Some Quick Thoughts on Tekken 7


Hello. You read the title let's talk about the new Tekken. 

BUT before we do; a disclaimer. My thoughts are on the PS4 version. Also, I have not played the online yet and I have not beaten the entire story. I will not be delving into either, but I do love what I've played of the story so far.  I think it's the best story in a Tekken game, only rivaled by maybe Tekken 5's. And if I haven't played it, it would obviously be unfair of me to talk on the online. But yeah. Onto the thoughts!!

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Tekken is a series I've loved for a really long time. It was the first of many fighting games series I grew up with and still play avidly. Now, not to brag, but I kind of rock at fighting games. So, I was super excited when I heard about Tekken 7.Finally, I could play my favorite fighting game on the current gen system I own!! So, I marched down to Game Stop and preordered it. And when the day came, I picked the game up and played it. And played it some more. And I fell in love. I love this game. So to start these thoughts, I'll gush with the positives. First the charactes. Tekken 7 has a roster of 38 characters. And I feel that they are all finely tuned. There are the obvious quick characters, tank characters, and characters that have insane fucking combos that make the other person cry. I don't feel like any of the characters are obviouly better tha others, and you can definetly master certain ones. My favorites have been Akuma, Eliza, Brian, and of course, Devil Jin. Goddamn is he bad ass. The game has  offline modes, the normal 1v1 mode, arcade, treasure mode, which I've spent the most time in, where you play endless battles against computers and level up and collect items and money, story and practice. Treasure mode is a whole mess of fun. I usually spend a while just mastering every character I can and seeing all their moves and things like that, and I feel like this is a great way to do that. Another thing I love is the new special moves. When your health gets low enough, you can unleash a bad ass special move, that can make a lose into a victory. And they are so damn satisfying. And character  Now, I do have one grip. The arcade mode was really short, and really easy. Now the story mode does make up for that, but it being a little bit longer would've been appreciated. But that being my only gripe is great. 

So those are my thoughts. Not too many but I really wanted to get them out there. I would totally recommend this game if you enjoy fighting games. But yeah. These were some quick thoughts on Tekken 7, always remeber the navi is a lie, and have a good day. See ya. 

- thanks for reading my thing

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