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Sunday Comics: Time I Enjoy Wasting Was Almost Certainly Wasted


Despite loving video games as much as I did as a child, I unfortunately do not have the stomach for playing them for extended periods of time anymore.  I certainly can, and have fun the entire time, but afterwards I'm overcome by a feeling of wasted potential.  That all that time could've been spent on more productive things.  Maybe I should start studying for that math class I'm taking next semester for the third time.  Maybe I should finish that art commission that would result in income.  Maybe I should practice that art skill I spent eight years in college trying to convince myself I could makie a living on.  But it's okay.  Feelings of dread after profligately spending what little time I have on this wonderful life on trival matters is quickly pushed to the background by more profligately spending what little time I have left on video games.  I'm just glad I have something to at least nudge me in the right direction after a few hours.

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