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Game Development: Boss 101 June Development Progress Update


Hello and welcome to the Boss 101 Weekly Update! Thank you for joining us here again.

Development Update – Let’s talk about Progress!

First off we have the THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT DURING BOSS 101's development. It's been a long road and we are heading towards the finish line. We could not have made it without your encouragement! Thank you!

“So, when will Boss 101 be done? You said you were aiming for Early 2017 and it’s Summer now!”

That’s a legitimate question and the answer now is the same it's always been. The ONLY reason for any delays in release is simply us polishing and bug fixing. At this point we are close to final. The last 4 months have been a LOT of quality of life fixes for YOU THE PLAYER! If you add in the general bug fixing then it’s not too hard to imagine where the time has gone.

I know we spoke about this before but a refresher on Boss 101 might be in order. Let’s review what exactly is happening in our day to day.

Behind the Scenes
We work pretty much all day, every day on Boss 101. This is mostly about playing, testing and looking for ways to make the game a clean and fun experience for you. For now that means playthroughs to see if we are hitting the goals of a fun, cohesive experience. We are not looking to have an endless development cycle but at the same time ‘hitting a date’ doesn’t get us much if the game has bugs or obvious usability issues (bad interface, crashes, etc).

Money and Funding
We are ENTIRELY self-funded and working off our OWN DIME. We have taken no one else’s money, we are beholden to no publisher at this point nor did we do a Kickstarter. The idea was to make sure we could create a game for you on the terms we felt best about. This would allow a level of organic development. Aspects of the game could be discovered and worked on as we found them.

The general idea someone can sit in a room and write up a 300 page design doc covering all aspects of a game before development starts is pretty outlandish if you think about it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try but the meat of development is, well, during development. Ideas come into play as you insert new mechanics. Things that didn’t seem like they would be much fun become VERY fun and things you were sure would be amazing are, perhaps, less than stellar.

The point here is we can take advantage of all the ebb and flow of a natural game development cycle. All this means Boss 101 is really its own game and has its look and feel. Whether you like that or not is another question BUT we can assure you this is something we are working with all our might to make SUPER ENTERTAINING AND FUN FOR YOU!

The Team
We have three people. That’s not an excuse but a fact. We are dedicated to Boss 101 and pore over the game daily but that’s the size we have. Would a bigger team get things done faster? Perhaps. Would they be better? That's debatable.

I've worked on and managed teams close to 300 people in size. That is a ton of people and many moving parts. You can imagine it is like herding cats to keep the team on the same track. We don’t have that issue on Boss 101. We’re on the same page, working towards the same goal at all times. Again – the proof will be in the release but this is something we feel you will directly benefit from.

Release Date News
So, we are still in the 2017 release window and if truth be told we expect you to have the game in your hands in months, not years.

No one, please hear me NO ONE READING THIS wants the game to ship more than us. We aren’t holding onto Boss 101 like some overprotective parent. We’re gamers and we know what we demand in a game. When Boss 101 hits the quality bar we demand and has the fun we want it will ship!

Check out our three years of updates nearly anywhere we post regularly. You can see we work all the time and ideally it shows the progress and love we are putting into Boss 101 FOR YOU!

Let’s get over to some weekly touchups and developments shall we?

Boss Bombs

We spoke about this a little last week but we the bosses have the ability to catch sneaky players who hang around near the bottom of the screen. They teleport in a giant weight and drop it on them. You can’t hide down there buster!

On the land

One the sea

Even with a train!

A look at some of the guns for sale. Check out this handy dandy blasters!

Ok – that’s all for this week and thank you for all the support. Yes, will have Boss 101 in your hands as soon as POSSIBLE!



Boss 101 Info Roundup
Release Date: 2017
Planned Price: $9.99
Boss 101 Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/380920
Please wishlist us if you would be so kind!

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