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Dear Internet can we not do this: Far Cry 5


So a teaser imagine has been put out for Far Cry 5. That's it and this time people are up in arms not because "OMG racism cause it looks like a white guy subjugating a person of colour " (yeh I've not forgot the outrage over 4). Instead it's because............ um........ hold on let me get back to you......Diversity maybe....... oh no not that um hold on......... Because they're targeting rural American possible White supremacists......... that can't be right.......... what do you mean that's actually why people are mad.......................... So yeh it's time for me to say again. Dear internet can we please not make something into a stupid political hockey puck.

Looking at the picture in a cultural context it's not like there hasn't been actual real cults like this who stockpile weapons and do try to start race wars. The Manson family spring to mind as. Or groups that have become armed Malitia and had compounds etc which lead to events like the Waco Siege Also seriously any-one actually thinking it's an attack on them might want to consider the fact, you're either a moron or maybe just maybe you're an asshole who would be the kind of person in said cult. It's not like cults are new to gaming either. I mean in Mafia 3 I do believe there's some missions relating to going after the KKK and there's some cult or something in Outlast 2 (I've not played it just heard about it).  So that's addressed 1 side I really don't think there's much more to say on that. Now to address the other, and well this is the part I'm going to get shit for in the comments I can see it coming.

Can people on the other side please, please not rub their hands so gleefully as they imagine that the people being killed are people in real life because for some reason you believe all people who vote republican are backwards super racist survivalist nuts.....


(Yes those tweets are real)

Yes I know you've seen Duck Dynasty while drunk and have heard "them people done said something offensive."  I wouldn't be saying this if we hadn't already had certain voices on the internet revelling in a certain scene in Kingsmen You know the one.

I may be an ignorant Brit, but seemingly it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy if your entire image of the southern states / Republican voters is some bunch of backwards racist survivalist bible bashers. Well  some people there will see no reason not to be, people already associate and treat them like that without knowing them so why not go where people don't already hate you. Yes it's dumb but  it's human nature in part to want to belong to something. All that said if someone does say they support West Boro Baptist Church I do believe knee capping them is entirely justified.


All of this wouldn't be as bad had people not then seen the reveal trailer and then started getting angry because their vision of gunning down people they don't agree with politically wasn't played out by Ubisoft. You know people on Neogaf a forum that is meant for industry members and insiders mostly.


I mean for fucks sakes at this stage it's not even people angry at developers so much as just angry at "The other side" and wanting to use games as some political hockey puck to insult them. I was excited to see what would be done by Ubisoft with Far Cry 5 even based on just the initial image. I will say the trailer didn't do anything additional for me really but I'm still waiting to see more on how the game plays out and what they do with it. This absolute bullshit from both sides though it's fucking stupid. You know who is dividing people? Fucking people that's who because seemingly a person is now no more than the sum of a few arbitrary labels and what some ideology deems people with said labels should be treated like.

People keep on about how Games need to grow up. People need to grow up first it would seem and learn theres more to life than fucking politics.


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