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What I Want From Nintendo in E3


Hello. Time for me to shout into the void about some games from Nintendo I want to come out. They probably won't. But I figured other people will do the same so I will too. Letsa go!!!

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 So. Nintendo. My favorite game company. So to start I want more news on Splatoon 2. It's one of my most anticipated video games of this yeat and I want to know more. And this is something that they surely will talk about. Another thing I would love is some BOTW news. I really want some map extensions, and I don't want it to be too expensive. Maybe more amiibo? Eh it's not a neccisty but could be nice. I would also like to know what the fuck Pokemon Stars is. And of course, I need the deets on Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon. And Pokken Tournament on the Switch. I'm sure I will learn about that too. And I want to know more about Fire Emblem Warriors. Not some fancy cinematic I want to see gameplay, so I can see how it actually will be. I also want some more news on Mario Odyessey. Also, I really think SSMB4 should be brought to te Switch. It's one of my favorites, and it would print Nintendo money. Now, it's time for the dream stuff. I NEED Animal Crossing on the Switch. Please, just let it happen. It's perfect for it, and I need it. Also, I want to know the state of the ios game. Next, I want more Virtual Console games on the Switch. Being able to play Earthbound on there would be a dream. Also DS games? 64 games? GameCube? Could be very cool. Ok So, of course, I want a new Metroid. And a real new Metroid. Because I hated Federation Force. So a real Metroid would be nice. A new FZero would be sick as well. Also, I kind of want a new IP or idea. I loved Splatoon so it could be cool. And another try at a new Star Fox game is always nice. Because while I didn't hate Zero, there are improvments to be made. More Pikmin news is always good. Also, I want more indie games to be announced because I'm a hipster and those are my favorites. A physical release of some games like Stardew Valley, Stardew Valley, Edmund McMillen's new game The End Is Nigh, even maybe Undertale? I would cry. Speaking of crying..Legends 3 could be brought to the Switch..and I would be so happy...long shot but you know. But yeah I think that's it.  Oh wait....

We need Mother 3. 

But that is all I think. I really think Nintendo will pull through. They will give us awesome news and steal all my money again. And I can't wait. Post some of your predictions in the comments!!! And what do you think of mine!! Am I right? Or should I just shut up and go back to my hovel? Let me know!! And until then, just remeber that the navi is a lie.....

- thanks for reading my thing

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